Fresh Breath Day

National Fresh Breath Day — 6 August

Having a fresh breath can tell a lot about your personality. Likewise, having lousy breath leaves a bad print of your character to other people. Besides, having fresh breath is a sign that your body is healthy. Fresh breath day is celebrated on 6th August worldwide.

Fresh Breath Day

national fresh breath day

6th August is a great day to remind yourself and the people around you to tell the importance of oral hygiene. It is a day to recommit to the daily habits which will make your breath fresh. On this day, people are encouraged to identify the problems that are leading to bad breath. After recognizing these reasons, one can try an omit them one by one to achieve fresh breath.

Do You Know? There’s another similar holiday that encourages brushing your teeth called the NATIONAL BRUSH DAY.


The specific event and year when first breath day was celebrated are unknown. But the use to mouth fresheners dates back to 2700 BC where it was used in Indian and Chinese medicine.

When is Fresh Breath Day ?

In , Fresh Breath Day is celebrated on Friday, 6 August.

Some facts about Fresh Breath Day

  • People celebrate 6th August as fresh breath day.
  • People celebrate it by taking care of their oral routine.
  • Smoking can lead to bad breath.
  • Eating green vegetables can eventually give you fresh breath.

Why Celebrated?

fresh breath day

Let’s suppose that you are seeing a person for the first time. That person happens to have bad breath.  Whenever that person talks, it is going to leave you very uncomfortable. Bad breath is a problem that almost everyone faces once in their lifetime. No matter how small of a problem it may sound. Sometimes it leaves a more significant impact than any other of your personality trait. The main reason for the celebration of this day Is to aware people. Most of the people who are suffering from bad breath do not know of the ways to get rid of it. Oral hygiene not only leaves a wrong impression, but it is the first sign of bad health. People who deal with a stomach ulcer and stomach issues have bad breath. Following are some of the reason which can lead to bad breath.

Food that you eat:

There are plenty of foods in the world that may lead to bad taste in the mouth. The medical name for bad breath is halitosis. Halitosis can be a result of poor dental habits, poor diet, and health. When we swallow food, it begins to digest in our mouth. Our mouth breaks the food into many pieces. Bad odor food like garlic and onions leaves your mouth with a bad smell and taste. It is not until these food items have left your body that the smell goes away. For the food items like these brushing, your teeth, or even the use of mouthwash would not help.

Poor dental habits:

If you do not floss and brush your teeth regularly, food particles accumulate in your mouth. Some of these food particles stick with your teeth and may not get put without flossing. Not taking care of your teeth regularly will eventually lead to bad breath.

Health Problems:

Among many reasons for bad breath, having a significant health problem is the biggest. If you have bad breath even after you brush and floss your teeth and take a healthy diet, there are strong chances that you have health problems. There are many diseases and health problems that may lead to bad breath. Some of these are gum disease, kidney, and stomach issues. Yeast infection in your mouth and conditions like dry mouth, pneumonia, and diabetes can lead to bad breath problems.


Smoking can lead to bad taste in the mouth. Smokers have constant nicotine smell in their mouth, which does not go away from brushing or flossing.

The reasons mentioned above are usually not known to everyone who has bad breath. The purpose of celebrating this day is to aware people of the many reasons that lead to bad breath.

How Celebrated?

national fresh breath day

All of us want to have fresh breath. 6th August is the best day to recommit to the habits that will lead to fresh breath. It is always hard for you to tell the other person that they have bad breath. You might not want to offend them. 6th August might be the best day to do without worrying that you may hurt them. People like to talk about the importance of fresh breath. Many dentists run a campaign where they aware people of the reasons for having bad breath. Toothpaste companies run different movements to encourage people to clean their teeth. Many ways can lead to fresh breath. Following are some of the way that people talk about, which result in having fresh breath.

Flossing and brushing your teeth

The primary source of having a good breath is to take care of your teeth. Our tooth might be home to many bacteria and food particles from new food that we ate. Two-minute brushing in the morning and at night can lead to fresh breath eventually. The first step for better brushing is to choose the right toothpaste. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every three months. Flossing should be done after every meal to take out the unwanted food particles stuck in your teeth.

Using a tongue scraper

Many people do not scrape their tongue. Which eventually leads to yeast infection and thus bad breath. There are many tongue scrappers that you can get in the market. Fresh breath day is a great day to buy yourself a tongue scraper and use it for the rest of the year.

Eating green vegetables

Garlic, onions, and meat are the kinds of foods that taste good every time. But by cutting a little amount of them can eventually lead to fresh breath. Substitute them with green veggies. A green food item is rich in chlorophyll, which reduces bad breath. Leafy food items can also help produce the right amount of saliva in your mouth, which reduces bad breath.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking the right amount of water leads to a healthy lifestyle. Plentiful water keeps your mouth hydrated and eventually lead better smell in your mouth. So, 6th August is a great day to buy yourself a water bottle.

Buy some mints

Mints are your best friend. They taste good and keep your breath fresh as well. Buy yourself some mints and mouth fresheners. You may also gift your friends and families with mint supplies.

Regularly checking in with your dentist

Teeth problems always result in bad breath. It is best to make an appointment with your dentist this 6th August and get to know about any gum or teeth problem that is leading to bad breath.

Cut smoking from your life

Fresh breath day might be a good day to quit smoking for healthier are a brighter lifestyle.

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