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Geologists Day

4 April Geologists Day in Russia

Let’s all be real, geology is a somehow underappreciated branch of science when you compare it to the likes of chemistry, physics, and biology. What many people don’t realize is how important this subject is and how it can help our world become a better-understood place. That is why there is a special day we call the Geologists Day to give honor to all the people who dedicate their lives studying and being experts in the field of Geology so as to find answers to the questions we commonly ask about our planet. This holiday also seeks to inspire people to become geologists themselves and learn about historical geologists that have helped people understand our world better.

About the Geologists Day

Geologists are people who study the history, structure, and impact of other processes on earth. Their discoveries and research play an essential role in our daily lives. Geology blends well with other sciences such as chemistry and physics. In fact, they are necessary for agriculture, architecture, and weather prediction. Those who pursue a degree in geology have a lot of opportunities. From oceanography to NASA, education, government, and research, geology offers a lot of different roles for geologists.

And so, during Geologists Day, people conduct various activities that let them honor and show their gratitude for all the geologists in the world. Most people express their thanks by giving gifts or presents to geologists they may or may not know. People also give letters of appreciation to geologists during this day. In addition, most people shout out on social media how thankful they are of geologists.

Geologists Day History

The Geologists Day was founded by a group of prominent Soviet geologists headed by Alexander Yanshin, an academician. Following their initiative, Geologists Day was established by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on March 31, 1966, to commemorate the achievements of Soviet geologists after the discovery of the West Siberian petroleum province. The timing of the holiday, the first Sunday in April, was chosen because it marks the end of winter and the beginning of preparation for summer fieldwork and expeditions.


As mentioned earlier, the Geologists Day is celebrated every first Sunday of April each year. This means that the dates of celebration for this event are as follows:

Why Celebrate 

The following are the main reasons why you should participate in the celebration of Geologists Day:

To Honor Geologists

The main reason why you should celebrate this day is that it will allow you to honor geologists for all their hard work in making discoveries that will help us better understand our planet, especially our resources.

To Know More About Geology

You should also celebrate this day by knowing more about geology. There are a lot of interesting that you can discover in this field which will surely fascinate and entertain you.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the Geologists Day as best as it can be:

Honor Geologists

One good thing to do for this day is to honor geologists. You can do so by giving them gifts, presents, or letter of appreciation. Doing this will surely complete their day.

Study Geology

You can also celebrate this day by studying geology. You can watch online videos about different topics in this field. You can also read a book about it and learn more things about the planet.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You may, for instance, use the hashtag #Geologists Day to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this important day.

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