Global Garbage Man Day

The Global Garbage Man Day is an important day that celebrates and recognizes all the hardworking individuals who work in the waste and recycling industry. Each day, garbage men and women work hard in order to keep our neighborhoods and streets clean and safe so that we will not catch diseases because of a dirty environment. This day is celebrated each year on the 17th of June. If you want to learn more about this special day, then you should continue reading below.Garbage Man day

What is Global Garbage Man Day?

June 17 is the Global Garbage Man Day. This is the day when the world recognizes both men and women who dedicate their time and effort to keeping our communities clean. During this day, we describe all of the experts who collect our garbage, recyclable, and other castoffs from our homes and neighborhoods. Whether these people are waste management professionals or sanitation specialists, we want to appreciate their scheduled work in maintaining our environment clean.

But take note that waste management goes far beyond garbage collection. Yes, we do appreciate the collectors of garbage during this special day. However, they are not the only ones we appreciate. We also recognize those people who work in waste treatment facilities, those who recycle our wastes, and those who work hard to reduce the impact of wastes on our environment. To put it simply, the Global Garbage Man Day aims to put all the experts in wastes into the spotlight and recognizes their efforts in making our world a better place for all.

History of Global Garbage Man Day

The celebration of this day was started by John D. Arwood, who is the president at JDA company which is involved in environmental services such as waste management, disposal methods, and recycling. The start of the celebration garnered critical acclaim and praise from a lot of people. Because of that, the celebration expanded and became popular in various parts of the world. Many countries adapted this kind of unofficial holiday celebration so that we can recognize the extraordinary jobs of garbage men and women who keep our communities clean and hygienic.

This day is also regarded as an important day since we can encourage people to celebrate garbage collectors and appreciate them more. This can also entice people into working into the waste management industry.

When is Global Garbage Man Day?

This day is celebrated always on the 17th of June each year. This means that the Global Garbage Man Day will be celebrated on June 17, this year.

Celebration of Global Garbage Man Day

Here are some various ways on how you can celebrate the Global Garbage Man Day:

  • Observe this day by thinking about garbage collectors and thanking them and their services which result in our clean environment and safety.
  • You can post your greetings and spread the word of celebration by sharing the hashtag #GlobalGarbageManDay or #ThankYouGarbageMan on your social media accounts.
  • You can participate in recycling programs during this day. You can learn various advanced ways of recycling. You can also know the importance of recycling in your everyday life and why it can lead to a better future for humanity.
  • You can take part in coastal clean up activities also participated in by garbage collectors so that we can restore the beauty in our shorelines.
  • You can celebrate the day by participating in any kind of waste management program and showing your presence in such.
  • You can present some gifts to garbage collectors to make them happier and lighten up their day and also to make them feel that they are appreciated.
  • You can start an awarding ceremony in your area to recognize your local garbage collectors.

Some Interesting Facts to Share During Global Garbage Man Day

  • Tons and tons of municipal wastes are produced each year in each country. These wastes include household, industrial, and commercial wastes.
  • The US ranks first in the top producers of trash around the world.
  • The pay to garbage collectors is low. Hence, many factions are asking for a raise in the salary and payment to garbage men and women.
  • The waste management industry is continuing to do more research to discover more advanced ways to handle and manage trash.


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