National Grandparents Day

Honoring our Grand Parents on National Grandparents Day 10th Oct

The National Grandparents Day is held every first Sunday after labor day each year. This day is the perfect opportunity for people to express their love to their grandparents and let them know that they are appreciated for everything that they do. During this day, millions of greeting cards and forget me notes are sent by people in different parts of the world. This is the best time for you to show your love for your grandparents and hence, you should go visit and treat them during this day.

About Grandparents Day

The Grandparents Day is a holiday for celebrating and honoring both paternal and maternal grandparents. Although this celebration is largely celebrated in the United States, various countries have also joined in on the fun of celebrating this special day. But countries like South Sudan, Poland, Canada, France, Germany, Estonia, UK, and Australia have different dates for the celebration of this wonderful event. To celebrate this day, people do various things with their grandparents such as eating out on lunch or dinner or spending the day at their grandparents’ house.


This holiday is always held on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This means that the upcoming Grandparents Day  in the United States will be celebrated on, 10 Oct.


Although there are several accounts on how the celebration of the Grandparents Day may have started, there is a definite day for the formalization of the celebration of this event as declared by President Jimmy Carter in 1978.

Who started the Grandparents Day?

There are several background stories about the origin of Grandparents Day. Some people say that it was Michael Goldgar who created this day back in the 1970s after he visited his aunt in a nursing home. Other people believe that it was Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade who pioneered this holiday when she put all her time, money, and effort into helping senior citizens.

When did Grandparents Day become official?

Regardless of who started this celebration, the National Grandparents’ Day was formally signed into law by former President Jimmy Carter back in 1978. It was also made official from a presidential proclamation that happened on September 6, 1979 which declared the first Sunday after Labor Day as the Grandparents’ Day.

Interesting Facts about Grandparents Day

The following are the most interesting facts about the Grandparents Day that are worth sharing to other people:

  • About 1/3 of the population is composed of grandparents.
  • About 1.7 million people become grandparents each year.
  • According to surveys, about 72% of people believe that being a grandparent is the most important thing that they can do in their lifetime.
  • Of all grandparents, 43% are in their 50s and 37% are in their 40s. The average age of a grandparent is 48.
  • 43% of grandparents exercise regularly and also play sports.
  • 28% of grandparents do volunteer work regularly.
  • 75% of grandparents come online with 45% of them having social media accounts.
  • 60% of grandparents still work either full time or part time.
  • In the USA, 75% of grandparents control the wealth of the country.
  • Grandparents love spending time with their grandchildren.
  • Sadly, about 66% of grandparents have not yet celebrated Grandparents’ Day. it is not the time to change this and make it 100%.

Cute Nice Wishing Quotes For Grandmother and Grandfather

  • Happy Grandparents’ Day to my mom and Dad! I couldn’t ask for better grandparents for my daughter! They are our foundation!
  • Happy Grandparents Day! Let’s celebrate with all the Nonnas (and Nonnas) all over the world.
  • Happy national grandparents day, we have the most amazing loving bunch anyone could ever hope to have, we love you all dearly
  • Happy Grandparents Day! Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer, and a whole lot better!
  • Happy Grandparents Day to all of the wonderful grandmas and grandpas who give us so much love and wisdom!
  • Of all my jobs and titles, grandmother is my very favorite! Happy National Grandparents Day!
  • Happy Grandparents Day! “Blessed are those who spoil and snuggle, hug and hope, pray and pamper…for they shall be called grandparents.”
  • Happy National Grandparents’ Day – 9 Sep. I hope you are able to spend sometime with someone’s grandparents!
  • Thanks to all the grandparents who support, love, and guide their own kids through their parenting journey. Happy Grandparents Day!
  • HAPPY NATIONAL GRANDPARENTS DAY. Don’t forget to make some time today for the wonderful grandparent in your life.
  • Happy Grandparents Day to the GREATEST grandparents in the whole wide world! Thank YOU is just not enough….We couldn’t do it without you!
  • Our grandparents always remind us that unconditional love never fades. Today, we honor them as we celebrate this special occasion. Happy Grandparents’ Day!
  • Have you ever heard the saying “Your blessings come from your elders”? “Treat your grandparents with love and your life will be filled with light”. Happy Grandparents’ Day!

Happy Greetings Lines For Grandmother and Grandfather

  • Grateful for grandparents! Lord knows I couldn’t do it without them! Happy Grandparents Day!
  • Because they are the best babysitter, the best cook and the best teacher… Happy Grandparents Day!
  • Happy Grandparents Day to all the grandmothers, grandfathers, and grandparent figures out there!
  • Defining ‘forever young’ in the truest sense, their words of wisdom & love is a treasure. Happy #Grandparents Day!
  • Happy Grandparents Day! Thank you to all the grandparents out there who raised all the great people in our lives today!
  • To the Nanas, Nonis, Glammas, Pops, Gramps and Pappys…Happy National Grandparents Day!
  • They give us unconditional love, good laughs, life lessons & most of all, big fat cash. Lol. Happy Grandparents Day po!
  • Happy Grandparents day to all tht’ve bn blessed w/ grandchildren. You r the source of blessings tht keep being passed down each generation

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate Grandparents’ Day:

To honor grandparents

One major reason why this day must be celebrated by you is to give honor to your grandparents who have worked so hard in their lives to get where you are today. Without them, there will definitely be no you. And without their guidance and care, your parents will not be who they are today. Hence, you must give honor to your grandparents during this day for they have worked so hard in their lives for the betterment of their children and grandchildren.

To give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children

Our grandparents usually live in a separate house from us. It is not all the time that we see our grandparents. Thus, a good excuse to see them is the Grandparents Day. You can have all the day you want spending time with your beloved grandparents. You can also be given a lot of advice by your grandparents about life.

How To Celebrate Ideas

The following are the usual activities that people do to celebrate this holiday in the best way possible:

Enjoy a Fun and Relaxing Day with Your Grandparents

One good thing you can do to celebrate this holiday is to visit your grandparents and enjoy a fun and relaxing day with them. For instance, you can enjoy fishing with your grandfather and then enjoy a delicious meal prepared by your grandmother afterwards. You can also watch a movie together in the living room while you snack on delicious pastries, crackers, and chips.

Throw a Party for Your Grandparents

If you want a grander celebration, then you can opt to throw a party for your grandparents. Here, you can invite your relatives and friends so that all of you may celebrate the day together honoring your grandparents. This is especially fun since your grandparents will surely enjoy the company of their children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren.

Send Gifts to Your Grandparents

If for some valid reason you cannot visit your grandparents during this day, then you can just instead send gifts to them to show them that you love and appreciate them. For instance, you can send them handwritten letters expressing your love for them. Accompany this with flowers, chocolates, and other possible gifts for the elderly.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. For example, you can use the hashtag #GrandparentsDay and accompany that with pictures of you and your grandparents celebrating this day.

Write to them

Kids can appreciate grandparents by writing something for them. Children can write a poem, a thank you note, or a letter to them. You can also write a list of the reasons why you love them. These words will touch the grandparent’s heart.

Grandparents Day at School

Many schools organize Grandparents at school. They arrange story-telling sessions. Grandparents are invited to share their life time stories. They are also involved in different activities with their grandchildren at school.

Have a sleepover

You can spend time with your grandparents by having a sleepover. It’s a perfect way to make the most of the Day. You can do a lot of quality activities. You can watch old photos or family videos together. Going through old photos is an excellent way to cherish their memories. Ask them about the story of each photo. This activity will strengthen the bond.

Hang out

The best way to spend the Day is to hang out with them. You can take them out for a meal and have a chat. Tell them you are so happy to spend the Day out with them. You can also share stories with them and listen to theirs.

Plan an interview

Interviewing your grandparents can be an enjoyable activity. You can list down all the things you want to know about them. Ask them about their lives. Grandparents would love to take pride in answering your questions. Don’t push them too much if they are not comfortable answering any question. It will make them feel special.

Send them love

If you are unable to visit them, you can at least send them love. You can send them greeting cards and flowers. Send them their favorite item as a gift. You can do a little research on the type of offerings you can send to the elderly. Grandparents would be happy to have any token of love from you.

Play Music

You can make a playlist from their era. Play their favorite songs. You can prepare some songs for them. There are many songs written for Grandparents Day. It will be fun if you sing together. Make some smooth dance moves with them. Make them feel loved.

Cook for them

Ask your grandparents about their favorite recipe. Then you can cook with them or for them. Tell them how excited you are to pass on this recipe.

Family Hand-Casting

Family Hand-Casting is an excellent way to capture the moment. You can make the casting in the mold of plaster of Paris. The whole family can whole the hands together and make the sculpture.

Plant a tree

You can plan an activity of planting a tree. Your grandparents can plant a tree in your garden or backyard. Tell them you can’t wait to sit in the shade. This tree will be an everlasting memory of your moments together.

Take a stroll

You can go on a walk with your grandparents. Talk to them about Nature. Ask them how were the parks and roads in their time. Talk about Nature.

Make a scrapbook

You can arrange some art and craft activities with them. Make some cards from their handprints. You can create a collage of family photos with them

Play some games

Playing some card games can be a lot of fun. Many games are favorite in both generations. Puzzles and board games are low-key fun options.

Plan Reading time

You can request grandparents to read some story books. Arranging the book reading session can be a lot of fun. You can arrange some classic books or children story books.

Learn a Hobby

This activity is excellent for grandparents with a hobby. You can ask your grandparents to teach you about their hobby. It can be fishing or gardening skill. You can plan to do this hobby together sometime.