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Celebrating National Hindi Divas India - September 14, 2021

National Hindi Divas India is an annual celebration in the country of India held every 14th of September each year. It is celebrated to remember the historic Hindi occasion in the country. The Hindi, written in Devanagari script, was officially declared as the national official language of India by the Constituent Assembly back in September 14, 1949. This is the purpose of the celebration of the Hindi Diwas and why it is celebrated at such a date.

Learn About hindi divas india

The Hindi Diwas india is actually a part of a weeklong celebration of the Hindi Saptah or the Hindi Diwas Week. The Hindi Diwas is the start of this week, which occurs on the 14th of September. The celebration runs on until the 20th of September. The Hindi Diwas is primarily celebrated in schools, colleges, government offices, and even in private organizations.

Banks and other organizations in the corporate sector of India celebrate the Hindi Diwas Week by writing a Hindi word on a white board and describes its meaning and uses of the word. Every hour, a new word is written on the white board. This is done so that people will be able to learn and remember new Hindi words in their daily lives even just for that week. Schools and colleges around the country also conduct essay writing contests and speech competitions wherein students are only allowed to write and speak in Hindi. Other activities held during this day focus on emphasizing the importance of loving the Hindi language as well as its history and evolution.

National hindi divas india History

The origin of the celebration of the Hindi Diwas can be understood when you first become knowledgeable about the Hindi language and the Devanagari script.

Origin of the Hindi Language

The Hindi language originally belonged to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. After the country became independent, the government of India aimed to standardize the mother language of the country with rules on grammar and orthography.

Devanagari Script

The Devanagari script is the fourth most used language in the world. About 258 million people all over the world speak this language. Countries that use this language include Pakistan, Mauritius, Trinidad, Surinam, and many more.

Origin of the hindi divas india Celebration

The Hindi Diwas is celebrated every 14th of September each year primarily because the Hindi language written in Devanagari script was first declared as the mother tongue of India by the Constituent Assembly of India back in September 14, 1949. This was made more formal by including it in the constitutions of India. It came into effect on January 26, 1950. The Constitution of India states that the Hindi language written in Devanagari script was first declared as the official language of India under Article 343.

Why Celebrate: Significance

Perhaps the main reason why you should celebrate the Hindi Diwas is to give honor to the mother tongue of India. This is especially important if you are an Indian. Pay respects to the language that unites you with your countrymen. We are all able to understand each other by using a common language. Other countries also celebrate their own languages. Why not us? In addition, the activities in part of the celebration are fun and enjoyable to do. Hence, celebrating this holiday is highly recommended.

Celebration Ideas & Activities

The Hindi Diwas is celebrated in colleges, schools, organizations, offices, and many other enterprises. These groups conduct programs and competitions where they do Hindi poems, stories, quizzes, and many more. People in India consider Hindi as the primary mode of communication. Hence, promoting this language amongst themselves is very important. According to statistics, Hindi language is the second most commonly spoken language in the world.

Award Giving Bodies

The People in India celebrate this day through award giving bodies. In particular, the President of India distributes awards to certain people who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. The venue is almost always at the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. The Rajbhasha awards are given to Ministries, Departments, PSUs, and Naitonalized Banks. Two of the most prestigious awards given during the Hindi Diwas have been renamed by the Ministry of Home Affairs on March 25, 2015.

School Celebrations

Schools hold massive celebrations of the Hindi Diwas. Some of the activities included in the celebration include poem recitations, singing, dancing, quiz competition about the Hindi language, drama plays, slogan writing, poster making, essay writing, and recitation of Rahim ke Dohey, Kabir Das ke Dohey, Thulsi Das ke Dohey, and many more.

The celebration goes beyond within schools. There are also inter-school competitions organized by a group of executives from each school. There are poem recitations based on Hindi Meri Pehchan as well as play competitions based on the Ekta ka Sutra Hindi. These contests aim to make students explore their knowledge in Hindi language and also for them to know more.

Slogans Poems Quotes

  • Everybody, old or young, must respect his mother-tongue.
  • We can communicate in many languages but Hindi has a different identity.
  • We should respect English but prefer to speak in Hindi.
  • Hindi is our identity, Hindi is our Pride, let’s join our hands to use it nationwide.
  • A country which does not respect its mother language can never progress.
  • Hindi is pride for our nation; it makes us unite for the nation.
  • Hindi language is the soul of Indian Cultures and traditions.
  • If you feel shame in using Hindi then the whole nation will feel shame on you.
  • Let’s pledge dear, we will use Hindi everywhere.
  • Prefer Hindi for communication, It really puts a good impression.
  • Hindi is our native language, let’s celebrate Hindi diwas.
  • We are dumb, without our mother-tongue.
  • Celebrate Hindi diwas to spread its importance worldwide.
  • Come together and join us to celebrate Hindi diwas.
  • Hindi is our mother tongue, let’s promote its use.
  • Give respect to your nation and national language.
  • Don’t run behind English, use your own Hindi language which is your real identity.
  • A nation is incomplete without its national language.
  • Unity is strength but mother tongue is pride of nation.
  • Hindi is our identity and symbol for us of being an Indian.
  • Our independence is there where we can use our mother tongue without fear.
  • One must learn Hindi to win our heart.
  • Use Hindi to respect your mother tongue and Nation.
  • Hindi is the symbol of unity among Indian citizens for many years.
  • Raise your voice to promote the use of Hindi language.
  • Develop the mother tongue to develop the nation.
  • Honor and respect your mother tongue to improve the pride of nation.
  • Don’t let the national language go down, it is our pride.
  • We are proud to our nation and national language.
  • Speak your own mother tongue and live with pride.
  • Happy Hindi Diwas: a day dedicated to our mother tongue.
  • Hindi Diwas is not a day only; it promotes the national unity among people.
  • National language is the soul of our nation and identity of its citizens.
  • Spread the importance of our mother tongue all over the world.
  • Today is Hindi Diwas, join together and celebrate.
  • We are Hindu and our mother tongue is Hindi.
  • We are Indian and we speak Hindi.
  • Hindi is our mother tongue and we are proud of it.
  • We are proud to be Indian and speak Hindi as our mother tongue.
  • Celebrate Hindi Diwas everyday and spread its importance.
  • Hindi is our pride; it’s a fact which can’t be denied.
  • Today is Hindi Diwas let’s celebrate it among us.
  • Hindi was chosen as mother tongue of nation, because it was widely spoken.
  • On Hindi Diwas let’s take this plea, no matter what but we will never hesitate to speak Hindi.
  • Never underestimate power of Hindi; it is a language which freed the country.
  • Hindi is our mother tongue, it’s a language spoken by all whether they are old or young.
  • Hindi is a language which can make us unite, it should be first language which we should learn to read and write.
  • Hindi is language which has major role in Indian revolution; this is why we should never forget its contribution.
  • On this Hindi Diwas let’s take oath, on global level we will always work for Hindi’s growth.
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