National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day

One of the most popular food all over the world is the hot dog. Who doesn’t love hotdogs? There is nothing better than enjoying a relaxing day eating up hotdog by itself or a hotdog sandwich. Even when you go to an amusement park, you can see many people enjoying hotdogs as the staple food in the park. It has become the most iconic food in America. And it continues to become a staple food in various countries all over the world. On the 17th of July, we celebrate the National Hot Dog Day. Let us know more about this interesting day below.National Hot Dog Day

What is National Hot Dog Day?

This day is actually an informal or unofficial holiday. It seeks the appreciation of hotdogs. It is being celebrated by a lot of communities in different countries. The usual activity during this day is a festival involving hotdogs. There, people can see floats and parades of hotdogs. People can also participate in hot dog eating contents wherein those who can eat hotdogs in the smallest timeframe possible or those who can finish eating a specified number of hotdogs win prizes. There are so many more activities during the day and we’ll discuss them more later.

History of National Hot Dog Day

This event was created by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Hot Dog is of course one of the staple foods in American cuisine. A hot dog is simply a cooked sausage that is served by itself or in a sliced bun and is typically garnished and served with condiments.

Sausages or franks were brought into the United Stated by immigrants from Germany in the 19th century. And over the years, hot dogs have become one of the most popular foods that can be seen on the streets of USA.

In 1994, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council was established by the American Meat Institute. It is actually the largest and oldest trade association that represents the US meat and poultry industry. This council was created to provide consumers and the media with information about the preparation, quality, safety, and nutrition of hot dogs and sausages since they already became staple American foods. This council is the one that organizes and sponsors various events during the National Hot Dog Day all over the United States. Proceeds from such events are actually donated to charities to help the needy.

When is National Hot Dog Day?

The National Hot Dog Day is always celebrated on the 17th of July year. However, the date can vary with the announcement from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. But most definitely this year, the event will be celebrated on July 17, .

Celebration of National Hot Dog Day

There are so many things you can do to celebrate the National Hot Dog Day. But remember, all these activities all point out to celebrating the day with hot dogs. Here are some of these fun-filled activities:

Eat a Hot Dog of Your Choice

Of course, since this day is all about hot dogs, then you should enjoy the day by eating a hot dog of your choice. You can either prepare one on your own or go to a kiosk or restaurant that serve good hot dogs.

Hot Dog Bonfire

It is also a good idea to conduct a hot dog bonfire with your friends or family. You can prepare some sticks, hot dogs, buns, and condiments which are all ready to be cooked during the bonfire. However, since the bonfire can be best conducted at night, perhaps you can just enjoy a hotdog picnic during the day if you are not available in the evening.

Hot Dog Toppings

Hotdogs and buns by themselves do not spice up the celebration. Hence, what you can do to enjoy and maximize your celebration of the hot dog day is by brewing up some good hot dog condiments. You can for instance, make mac and cheese, mango chutney, or jalapeno cream cheese. You can also make poutine and pair up your hot dogs with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Veggie Hot Dogs

If you are a vegan, then you are not excluded from the celebration. you can also participate in it by eating some veggie hot dogs made from vegetables.