National Ice Cream Day

July 18 National Ice Cream Day

One of the best desserts ever invented by man is ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream? It is a dessert that is rich, creamy, and full of flavors. It is best eaten in summer but people just eat ice cream whenever they want to. It is also a good stress reliever. It can be eaten alone in various flavors, or it can be paired up with cakes and sandwiches. Because of the popularity of ice cream all around the world, a special day is dedicated to ice creams called National Ice Cream Day. Let us learn more about this day down below.

National Ice Cream Day

What is National Ice Cream Day?

This day is held every 21st of July each year. This day is celebrated by people by eating ice cream of different kinds. They either make their own ice cream or buy some from the stores that serve the best kinds. There are also various events and activities conducted in order to celebrate this day. People love to celebrate this holiday as much as they love to celebrate National Peaches N’ Cream Day

History of National Ice Cream Day

Ice Creams have been around for a very long time already. It was the combination of milk and ice as if these two fell in love with each other and created something good that all people love. Throughout the years, ice creams have varied in flavor. More and more flavors and varieties are being invented by people. Ice creams are just so versatile for it has a lot of kinds.

Snow is absent during the summer. And to quench the hotness and warmness of this day, people eat ice cream. Before, ice cream was a food only for rich people. However, because of advances in technology, an abundance of milk, and the ease of making ice, ice creams today are cheap. We can now create ice cream any time of the year. We then enjoy banana splits in winter, choco tacos in summer, ice cream cakes in spring, and ice cream sandwiches during the fall. We now have a wonderful life because of ice creams.

Right now, we have so many flavors of ice cream. Before, ice creams were flavored based on fruits like mango, strawberry, and avocado. But now, the flavors are so varied we now have even unusual flavors like crab and seafood ice cream.

It is also very easy and fast to make ice cream now especially since we now use liquid nitrogen to serve individually frozen beads of ice cream.

When is National Ice Cream Day?

National Ice Cream Day is always celebrated on the 21st of July each year. This means that this year, this event will be held on July 18.

Celebration of National Ice Cream Day

There are so many ways how you can celebrate national ice cream day. if you want some good ideas, then you should continue reading below.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

To celebrate this special day, you can create your own ice cream. It is actually easy to do so. Just mix milk, sugar, cream, and the flavor of your choice, and then leave it in your freezer overnight. Perhaps the only complicated part of creating ice cream is choosing the right flavor. But technically, there is no “right” flavor. Just make sure that you will be choosing the flavor that you want to eat. You do not want to exert time and effort and find out later that you do not like the kind of ice cream you were able to make.

Go to a Good Ice Cream Restaurant

There is a lot of good ice cream restaurants around. Hence, it is also a good idea to celebrate the day by eating ice cream from such restaurants. You can eat alone if you want. But it is better to go there with your friends and family so that each of you can order the flavor of your choice and taste each other’s ice cream.

Participate in Events for the Day

There are so many people holding events for National Ice Cream Day. you should participate in these events. Some of them may have ice cream eating contests wherein people who get to finish their ice cream in a specified amount of time get the chance to win prizes. You can also participate in lectures that teach you how to make the best kinds of ice cream.