National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

2nd August National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

One of the hottest months of the year is August. Because of this, people crave for cool treats during this month. Various kinds of ice cream have become very popular during this time of the year. One such treats is the ice cream sandwich. Because of the extreme love for this delicacy, a special day called the Ice Cream Sandwich Day has been dedicated to it. So this day is the best time for you to go grab an ice cream sandwich and cool yourself down in a very sweet way.

Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The Ice Cream Sandwich Day is celebrated every 2nd of August each year. This holiday is perfect for those who want to refresh themselves on a hot summer day. During this holiday, people either go to the ice cream store or any restaurant that offers an ice cream sandwich so that they get to taste and eat this delicious treat. Other people prefer to make their own ice cream sandwich and celebrate such a day at home. People also post pictures of themselves eating ice cream sandwiches on social media. There are so many fun activities to do during this day.

History of Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The ist ever ice cream sandwich was sold only for a penny back in 1900. It was sold by a pushcart in the Bowery neighborhood in New York. The vendor, however, was never identified in the article printed in posters posted across the stations. He sandwiched ice cream in between milk biscuits to create an ice cream sandwich. Soon enough, pushcarts like this started to pop up all over the city. People then sold these portable treats during the summer months.

However, the ice cream sandwich that we see and eat today (the modern one), is actually invented by Jerry Newberg back in 1945. During that time, he was selling ice cream at Forbes Field. Now, we have lots of varieties of ice cream sandwiches. We have chocolate cookies, rice crispy wafers, and oatmeal cookies. The term for ice cream sandwiches also differs all over the world. The ice cream sandwich is also known as Monaco bar, giant sandwich, cream between, maximum, vanilla slice, and many more.

When is Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

The Ice Cream Sandwich Day is always held on the second of August each year. This means that the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich Day will be celebrated on 04 August. Next year, this same holiday will be held on Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

Facts About Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The following are some interesting facts about the Ice Cream Sandwich Day that are worth sharing:

  • According to Google Trends, the Ice Cream Sandwich Day has been searched as far back as August 2004, which is also when this search tool was launched by Google.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich first became popular in New York during the 1900s.
  • There is a recipe book from 1894 that mentions Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • The usage of the term Ice Cream Sandwich started to skyrocket in 1925.
  • A 1905 photo from Atlantic City New Jersey shows a vendor who sells ice cream sandwiches.
  • In 1978, Richard LaMotta invented the Chipwich which is an ice cream sandwich made with two chocolate chip cookies.
  • A new ice cream sandwich flavor is the churro ice cream sandwich.

Ice Cream Sandwich Day Celebrations & Activities

Why Celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate this holiday:

There are Lots of Flavors 

One good reason why you should celebrate the Ice Cream Sandwich Day is that there are lots and lots of varieties for it. Aside from biscuits, other types of bread can be used to sandwich the ice cream. There are also lots of flavors of ice cream that can be used for creating ice cream sandwich. The variety seem to never end so tasting many flavors as much as possible is a good thing to do for this holiday.

It Is Very Delicious 

People will not designate a special day for ice cream sandwich if it was not delicious. A lot of people have fallen in love with this dessert. We usually eat sandwiches using different fillings. But using ice cream as a filling is quite unique.

They Can Be Eaten Anytime 

Although summertime is the best time to eat ice cream sandwich, they can be literally eaten anytime. Even if it is cold, as long as you crave for this sweet dessert, you can always eat ice cream sandwich.

How to Celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

The following are the usual activities that people do to celebrate the Ice Cream Sandwich Day:

Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich 

One of the best activities to do to celebrate this holiday is to make your own ice cream sandwich. It is actually very easy to do so. You just need bread or biscuits and then ice cream. You can include toppings such as sprinkles and chocolate chips if you want to.

Visit Your Local Creamery

You can also just go to a local creamery and buy ice cream sandwich there. For sure, there are lots of flavors to choose from. You have all the freedom during this day to eat any number of ice cream sandwich that you want.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration on social media. For instance, you can use the hashtag #IceCreamSandwichDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in this special event.

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