International Beer Day

6 August International Beer Day

International Beer Day event is always held on the first Friday of August each year. When you look around the city, you can always see some staple bar, pub, or clubs. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you are in busy streets, you will definitely see these places offering the best alcoholic beverages in town such as beers. If you are a beer enthusiast, then you will most definitely enjoy celebrating the International Beer Day.

International Beer Day

What is the International Beer Day?

International Beer Day is always celebrated on the first Friday of August each year. It started in 2007 and is now being celebrated all around the world. The aim of this day is to gather friends and families together so that they may enjoy drinking beer together. It also aims to recognize those people who brew and serve beer. It also sheds light to the different kinds of beers being made all over the world. Even though the celebration of this day started out small as a local event, it has quickly spread across many countries and is now an international celebration.

History of the International Beer Day

The proponent or pioneer of this event is Jesse Avshalomov back in 2007. However, the International Beer Day as a holiday is founded by Evan Hamilton, Richard Hernande, and Aaron Araki in Santa Cruz, California. They convinced a local bar to celebrate the day. they even made a website for the celebration wherein they gave all sorts of thanks to the beer industry. But what these people did not realize was how quickly the event will take off all over the world.

Almost immediately afterwards, they started to receive lots of emails from people who found out about their website. These people shared how they started out their own versions of the celebration. Some of these people even came from places as far away as the United Kingdom and Africa. Nowadays, the event is being celebrated in the 6 continents of the world, for almost 60 countries and over 210 cities.

During the 2012 inception of this event, it was celebrated on the 5th of August. But that changed in 2013 when fans of the day suggested to make it the first Friday of August.

When is International Beer Day?

The International Beer Day is always celebrated on the first Friday of August. This means that this year, people can expect to hold this event on August 6, . Same case will be for next year’s International Beer Day.

Celebration of the International Beer Day

The founders of this day of celebration had three goals in mind for starting out this special event. First, they want friends to gather together and enjoy the good taste of beer. Second, they want to honor those people who are responsible for brewing, processing, and serving beer. And third, they want to unite the world because almost all countries love drinking beer and so the founders want to unite nations to celebrate this important day. And so here are the activities that people do during the day so that they can achieve the goals or purposes of the celebration.

Drinking Beer

Of course, since it is international beer day, people celebrate by drinking beer. After a long tiring day, nothing is better than going on in a pub drinking an ice cold beer. It is much better if you go with your friends and drink beer together while you talk about various things and stories. You can celebrate alone if you want. You can purchase an ice cold beer from the convenience store and then relax in the comforts of your own home.

Brewing Up Some Good Beer

If you can brew up some beer, then do so. It would be good to celebrate this day by brewing up some good beer using your own skills and putting in some flavors to make the taste a lot better. Of course, you can pick the flavor of your choice. Apple and lemon seem to be some popular choice among people.

Social Media Celebration

You must take the celebration to social media. Voice out your participation in the event by using the hashtag #InternationalBeerDay.

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