International Noise Awareness Day

April 28th International Noise Awareness Day (INAD)

International Noise Awareness Day

The International Noise Awareness Day is held every last Wednesday of April each year. This international observance aims to raise awareness about the impact of noise pollution on the welfare and health of the people. Noise is any unwanted sound. Every day, we hear different kinds of noises, most of which cause stress and worse, hearing loss. Stress, in turn, leads to bad health effects. Hence, every year during the last Wednesday of April, we celebrate International Noise Awareness Day to campaign for the reduction of noises in our daily lives and how we can cope with it.Noise Awareness Day

About the International Noise Awareness Day

During International Noise Awareness Day, people conduct various activities that let them achieve the goals of the objective of this celebration. For one, people try to learn more about noise pollution by joining lectures and discussions that enlighten them about it. People also shout out on social media how they are celebrating this important day.

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The International Noise Awareness Day was founded by the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) in 1996. They wanted to encourage people to make a change and seek solutions to the bothersome noise they encounter in their daily lives.


As mentioned earlier, the International Noise Awareness Day is celebrated every last Wednesday of April each year. This means that the upcoming celebration of this event will be held on April 28th.

Why Celebrate

The main reason why you should celebrate this day is that noise affects all people, even you. If you join the cause to stop reduce or eliminate noise pollution, you can also help in improving your noise environment which will benefit your help and also those of your friends and family.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the International Noise Awareness Day as best as it can be:

Join Lectures and DiscussionsNoise Awareness Day

One good idea for your celebration of this day is to join lectures and discussions about noise pollution, noise effects, noise maps, and noise protection. These learning sessions will allow you to gain enough knowledge about noise in order to gain a deeper understanding of their causes and solutions for them.

Join Campaigns

You can also become actively involved in the campaign against noise pollution by joining peaceful rallies and demonstrations aiming to raise awareness about the noise.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #InternationalNoiseAwarenessDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this important day.

International Noise Awareness Day Quotes

  • “I have long held the opinion that the amount of noise that anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his mental capacity and therefore be regarded as a pretty fair measure of it.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer
  • “People who record birdsong generally do it very early–before six o’clock–if they can. Soon after that, the invasion of distant noise in most woodland becomes too constant and too loud.” ― Richard Adams
  • “No man should live where he can hear his neighbor’s dog bark.” ― Nathaniel Macon
  • “Anymore, no one’s mind is their own. You can’t concentrate. You can’t think. There’s always some noise worming in. Singers shouting. Dead people laughing. Actors crying. All these little doses of emotion. Someone’s always spraying the air with their mood.” ― Chuck Palahniuk
  • “If you must be Sherlock Holmes,” she observed, “I’ll get you a nice little syringe and a bottle labeled cocaine, but for God’s sake leave that violin alone.” ― Agatha Christie
  • “Hopefully, when your actions and deeds – and therefore other people – boast for you, you’re made tired of hearing it, too, from your own mouth because if not, all could lose sight of those actions and deeds behind the gong of your boasting.” ― Criss Jami
  • “The white noise of an industrial and commercial society drowns out our ability to think.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster
  • “A modern hospital is like Grand Central Station—all noise and hubbub and is filled with smoking physicians, nurses, orderlies, patients, and visitors. Soft drinks are sold on each floor and everybody guzzles these popular poisons. The stench of chemicals offends the nose, while tranquilizers substitute for quietness.” ― Herbert M. Shelton
  • “There’s nothing quite like the sound of chainsaws over morning coffee.” ― Michael P. Naughton
  • “While I applaud all efforts to incorporate authentic nature into cities, not acknowledging noise levels is a serious oversight. Our cities’ collective racket is making all of us sick. Our hearts race and breathing speeds. We must talk louder, our voices hitting higher and higher pitches, our faces contorting, trying to communicate and claim our place in the landscape. Hearing lost is epidemic.” ― Julia Corbett
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