International Nude Day

14th July International Nude Day

International nude Day is a celebration conducted as a way for people to keep it cool on a hot summer day. It is celebrated on, 14th July. During this day, people go nude either at home or outside. They do it not because they want to flaunt their nude bodies but to express freedom in all its glory. It is also a way for people to celebrate the beauty of our human bodies and to embrace nature. The origin of this event can be traced to New Zealand. However, it has quickly spread in various parts of the world. Let us now discuss the interesting things about this interesting day.

4 May World Naked Gardening Day

World Naked Gardening Day

Naked Gardening Day is all about nudity and being naked. Nudist groups from different parts of the world actually celebrate this day by going naked and wearing nothing. Take note that nudists are not perverted people. They just bare themselves to go natural and show off the beauty of the human body. But let’s be real. Some people may get offended by their acts especially those who are conservative. To counter that, let us all treat each other with respect. That’s what they believe in and as long as they don’t do anything offensive to us, then let us respect them as well.

History of International Nude Day

This day has an interesting origin. It was actually pioneered by Marc Ellis, a former rugby player, and television presenter. He dared to become naked in front of Helen Clark, the Prime Minister of New Zealand during the beginning of the 21st century. This act was widely publicized and Ellis became a figure of nudity. Since then, this day has quickly spread in different parts of New Zealand. Because of its immense popularity, various countries from all over the world quickly second the celebration and started their own.

When is International Nude Day?

The International Nude Day is always celebrated on the 2nd of May each year. What this means is that this year, it will be celebrated on July 14.

Celebration of International Nude Day

It might sound that celebrating this day is simple because all you have to do is get naked. Yes, it can be as simple as that as you go naked in your own room or step it up notches by going naked outside. Here are some more activities held during this day:

Wear Sunscreen On Your Naked Body

If you will go out in the swimming pool naked to swim on your own and enjoy your naked body, then do not forget to wear sunscreen. You do not want to celebrate and enjoy and then suffer from painful sunburns the next day. Even if you will go out in the sun wearing nothing, do not forget to wear sunscreen.

Wearing Hilarious Shirts

Some people prefer to participate in the celebration by wearing some funny clothes that may look as if they were naked. Most people wear plain shirts and pants with the color same as their skin. Hence, they look like as if they are naked. Some even take it up a notch higher and wear clothes that look like they are naked. Some hilarious clothes can also pass up for the celebration. Find such clothes in local stores or online before the day so that you will have one when you celebrate the day.

Doing Naked Yoga

Naked yoga is also a popular activity done by people who want to participate in the celebration. In this activity, people can enjoy a form of yoga where they get naked. They experience a form of relaxation as free as possible without getting curious or awkward as they bare themselves in front of other people. There is nothing perverted about this. It is all just about relaxation and some form of art.

Enjoy the Sauna

You can also enjoy the day by going to a sauna and baring yourself. You can do that in a public sauna or you can even convert your own bathroom into one.

Participate in Naked Parades

Naked parades are of course staple during the day. You can participate in one if you want to.

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