International Safe Place To Work Day

International Safe Place To Work Day - April 28

An international safe place to health day is celebrated on 28th April worldwide. The purpose of marking this day is to ensure the safety of every person who goes to work. According to a survey, almost 63000 people die every day due to accidents in their workplace. It is not a public holiday but rather just an observance.

What is the international safe place to work day?

International Safe Place To Work Day

Everyone deserves to be safe and healthy, especially in the place where they are working. Three hundred seventeen million accidents are occurring on the job every year. These accidents put workers at risk and worry their families. It results in extended leaves by the workers and affects the economy. On 28th April, people run a different campaign to aware companies and to ensure worker’s safety. ILO is an International Labor Organization made in 1919. The purpose of this organization is to bring Employers, the government, and workers on the same page. This organization has been setting standards for labor work. It is responsible for making policies for women and men at work.

When was the first International safe Place to work celebrated?

On 28th April 2003, ILO observed the first work safe place to work day. ILO chose 28h April to mark this day because, since 1996 28th April in “International Commemoration Day” for workers who die and get injured at work.

At the International Labour Conference of 2003, a strategy was discussed. The plan was “The Global Strategy on Occupational Safety and Health. “An international safe place to work was part of this strategy. One of the essential elements of this conference was how to make the workplace safe and healthy for the workers. They wanted to raise their voices in front of governments and big companies.

Why is International safe place to work day celebrated?

A safe place to work day is an awareness campaign intending to highlight the problems workers face at their jobs. There is an estimated 2.3 million death at workplaces. These workplaces include some of the most hazardous environments. The history of unsafe workplaces goes way back than we think. During the industrial revolution, many children were kept working in places that were toxic to their health. As a result, thousands of children died due to undernourishment and other diseases.

Today we have workplaces where people have to deal with the most harmful of chemicals. Some have to deal with heavy machinery and toxic fumes. Shipbreaking yards in Pakistan and Bangladesh are some examples of lousy environments for work. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety. Every employee who leaves their house for work has the full right to come back home safely. Security should not be only physical but mental as well. Employees dedicate their whole day to work, and many of them do not get the payment that deserves. The pressure on any worker or any co-employee can lead to despair and problems. And the principal reason consists of extended operating hours and a large amount of labor.

Many people do not care about the surrounding danger. However, it’s far essential to make sure that your co-workers are working at reasonable conditions. After you get to recognize the specific hazards that occur at your place of business, then it’ll help you in decreasing the danger and let you take the necessary steps.

How to celebrate International safe place to work day?

Every one of us is liable for stopping deaths and injuries at work. Governments are responsible for offering possibilities. They should provide people with the law and services needed to make sure that people remain at work and the economy boosts. This consists of the development of a country’s broad policy, and national law to ensure this. Employers are answerable for making sure that the working environment is secure and healthy. People are chargeable for operating thoroughly, defending themselves, no longer endangering others, and taking all the possible measures to prevent any danger.

Leaders and companies’ representatives regularly celebrate the day by way of speaking out on troubles. This includes the place of job health and protection requirements. Major TV programs and news channels have promoted this day. Media run campaign asking everyone to make sure that they are treated well in their workplace. Various forms of activities and many events that revolve around the safety of workers takes place on 28th April, every year. Besides, many competitions go around in the workplace as well. Competitions between different companies are set up to see which workplace is better for workers.

ILO runs a massive campaign every year. They have different themes for an International safe place to work day. Each topic is unique and encourages the cooperate sector to take part in it. The major part of their campaign runs around by making people aware of their rights.

Facts about International Safe Place To Work Day

  • An international safe place to work is the most widely known campaign in the world.
  • Countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan also observe this day.
  • The construction site is the most hazardous workplace. It is estimated that the accidents happening in construction sites are 1 in every six fatal accidents.
  • is the 101th anniversary of ILO.
  • The theme for the year’s campaign is “safety and health at the heart of the future work.”
  • “Safety and health at the heart of future work.” Has a goal to continue the activities and events for the rest of the year.
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