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Jewish Holidays

Calendar of Jewish Holidays

There are many minor and major Jewish Holiday for the year 2021. Each Jewish holiday has its own special observances, tradition, customs, and special Torah reading. On this website, you will get a brief overview of the Jewish Holiday.

Jewish Holiday

All the Jewish Holidays actually begin at the sundown before the evening on the dates mentioned below in the table. For instance, if the Jewish Holiday is Rosh Hashana, the data is Sep 30 to Oct 1 then the holiday starts at sundown of Sep 29 and ends at the nightfall of Oct 1.

Here comes the list of Jewish Holiday’s

List wish Holiday

Jan 27, 2021Tu Bishvat
Feb 26, 2021Purim
Feb 26, 2021Shushan Purim
Mar 27, 2021Passover – First Day
Mar 29, 2021Passover – Second Day
Apr 04, 2021Passover – Final Day
Apr 07, 2021Yom Hashoah
Apr 13, 2021Yom HaZikaron
Apr 14, 2021Yom HaAtzma’ut
Apr 29, 2021Lag BaOmer
May 09, 2021Yom Yerushalayim
May 16, 2021Shavuot (1st day)
May 18, 2021Shavuot
Jul 17, 2021Tish’a B’Av
Sep 06, 2021Rosh HaShana Starts
Sep 08, 2021Rosh HaShana Ends
Sep 09, 2021Fast of Gedaliah
Sep 15, 2021Yom Kippur
Sep 20, 2021Sukkot Starts
Sep 27, 2021Sukkot Ends
Sep 27, 2021Shmini Atzeret
Sep 28, 2021Simchat Torah
Nov 28, 2021Hanukkah Starts
Dec 06, 2021Hanukkah Ends