Christmas in July

Celebrated on 08th or 11th July, 2021

The word Christmas is the day which marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December every year though that Is not the real birth date of Jesus.Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a day where people like to get together and party like its Christmas. It is not an official holiday. But people want to celebrate this day as just another holiday where they can celebrate. It is mostly celebrated on 08th or 11th July.

History of Christmas in July:

The exact origin of this day is quite blurry. But we can trace it back to the 80s. People say that it started in Europe. People of Europe wanted to celebrate Christmas in summer. The summers in northern Hemisphere gets very hot. People their miss the essence of the winters and especially Christmas. This leads them to celebrate it in winters with food and gifts. In Southern Hemisphere, it all makes more sense. The season of Southern Hemisphere is the opposite of how it is in the Northern Hemisphere. They have wintered in July and summers in December.

Modern-day perception of Christmas surrounds snow and fireplaces. The people of the southern Hemisphere too want to celebrate this day on a winters day. Winter, worldwide, comes and brings Christmas vibes along with it. The idea of celebrating Christmas in winters arose the concept of celebrating Christmas in July. Many people of Southern Hemisphere, however, celebrate it any time in winters. You can easily hear people in Australia celebrating Christmas in May or June.

What happens on July Christmas?

People in most parts of the world celebrate this day as they would in December. And, Christmas shops are all in full swing in July when the day is near. You get to see Santa figurines in the stores, The Christmas candies at the candy store, and much more. Booking for events and parties fill the restaurants and event halls.

Families from different parts of the world get together to celebrate this day. In summer it is easier for people to take a more extended break for their families than in winter, which gives people another reason to celebrate Christmas in July.

The Christmas gifts shop is the primary group who get to benefit a lot form this day. After Christmas in December, these shops go into very low or no business at all. These retail shop owners encourage celebrating Christmas in summer so that their business can work all year round. It is partly another reason why people celebrate this day in July.

Major cities that celebrate Christmas in July:

Many countries like to spend their Christmas in July. It is in the countries of the Southern Hemisphere who celebrate it with its true essence. The countries include New Zealand and Australia.

Australia is one of the major countries to celebrate Christmas in July. Christmas day leads to extravagant decorations in the city.

Blue Mountains:

Blue Mountain is a city in Australia that is small, cozy and has the perfect amount of chill. It is a mountainous area and is ideal for celebrating Christmas. The Yulefest festivals in blue mountains take place every year. The whole town glows with the Christmas tree. The festival has the warmth of Christmas feats and has all kinds of guests including our very own Santa Claus. This destination is perfect for people who look for peace and a traditional way to spend Christmas eve.

Sovereign Hill, Balart:

Fairy lights decorate the whole town and it looks magical. Christmas carols chanting at a distance adds to the beauty of the place. This is one of the romantic places to celebrate Christmas. A fairy tale city is the right word to describe the city of Balart. The town has a history of being super-rich in culture. Even to date, there are soo many things that one could get to experience in this city which would be instead considered old in other cities. This type of Christmas is a dream for every old soul and a beauty lover. This year it is being celebrated from 29th June to 21st July.


Thredbo is a place in Australia which gets covered in snow in winters. This is the kind of place where people would want to come to skate and play snow games with their family and friends. It is true when people say that Christmas is nothing without snow. People from all over the Australia head to Thredbo to experience the wonderful feeling of celebration and having feats in the cold.

Movies released:

Media is the first source of creating awareness to the people. There are several movies about Christmas, which were published in July to support the idea of celebrating it in July. There are many examples of movies like Holiday Inn, and Disney classic called the lady in the tramp.

Gifts are given on this day:

The July Christmas is celebrated in a very similar way to how it is celebrated in December. People come together to share their happiness; they exchange gifts with each other and make time for everyone. Gifts that are given are usually decided upon the taker’s wish.

Criticism on Christmas in July:

It Is argued by the orthodox Christians that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus. Throughout the world and since centuries people celebrate it on one day that is 25th December. And, by celebrating Christmas earlier, people are disrespecting the religion and its core.

The people who support the celebration of Christmas all year around argue back. They say that the birth of Jesus is not known anywhere, so it is entirely okay for people to celebrate it what is convenient for them.

What does Christmas in July means?

Christmas in July is not a phrase. It is an ordinary day where people, especially from Australia, like to celebrate Christmas.

What happens in July Christmas?

People have fun and distribute gifts. People like to spend this day with their families. It is celebrated on 25th or either 28th July worldwide.

What are the dates of Christmas in July?

There is no specific day for it. People like to celebrate it whenever they want to.  People in Australia celebrate it on May to July 08th July and 11th July are well known dates to celebrate Christmas in July.

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