Kindergarten Day

National Kindergarten Day - April 21

Our time when we were in Kindergarten has a special place inside our hearts. It was our first ever experience in our long journey of schooling. It was in Kindergarten where we first learned the ABC, how to count from one to ten, many children’s songs, shapes, colors, and a lot more. Kindergarten Day is all about celebrating these things. We are reminded about this initial phase in our schooling lives every 21st of April.

What is Kindergarten Day?

Kindergarten Day honors a man named Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel who was the pioneer of the idea and concept of Kindergarten. Perhaps almost all countries in the entire world include Kindergarten as the start of formal education. It is a requirement that should be completed by a child before going into basic elementary education. During Kindergarten Day, people commemorate the founder of the concept as well as the children who are currently in Kinder.

History of Kindergarten Day

Friedrich Frobel was a German teacher who laid out the foundation for today’s modern educational system by starting Kindergarten. It all started when he recognized that children are left at home doing almost nothing productive whenever their parents leave for work. Because of this, he thought that the time could be made productive by having children go to the Kindergarten to learn the most basic education.

It was in 1779 when Frobel started the Kindergarten school with Louis Scheppler. Various places around the world then followed. In 1780, one was opened in Bavaria. In 1802, a Kindergarten was opened in Detmoid by Princess Pauline zur Lippe. In 1816, a Kindergarten was opened in New Lanark, Scotland. And in 1819, one was opened in London by Samuel Wilderspin. Hundreds more followed. In fact, the first-ever formal Kindergarten, which literally means garden for children, was opened in Blankenburg Germany in 1837.


Kindergarten Day is held every April 21 each year. This year, the special event will be held on April 21, .


Kindergarten Day is indeed a special day for many people especially for Kindergarten students, their parents, and their teachers. It is actually good to know that such an event is dedicated for the celebration of these young children who are just starting out with school. During the special day, many people celebrate in various ways.

At School

If Kindergarten Day falls on a school day, schools try to celebrate the day as much as possible. Many Kindergarten teachers put decorations in their rooms to remind the children about the special day. Some schools conduct special events for Kindergarten students such as presentations, singing and dancing performances, poem reading, short story reading, and more.

Many parents participate in the special day by volunteering in school activities. There are those who volunteer for teaching some curriculum especially made for Kindergarten Day. Some volunteer to tell good stories to children. Others bring some special and delicious foods that can be shared by the children at school.

At Home

Whether the day is held on a school day or not, many people also bring the celebration in their homes. There are parents who spend the day with their children, who are still learning in Kindergarten, at home by doing fun and educational activities like painting, drawing, story-telling, and singing of some happy songs. Nap time in the garden to bond with a child is also a good activity to do. It is best followed by some good snacks like hot milk and cookies. The learning then continues after these activities.

Many parents bring out the creative and fun side of their children by engaging in various activities to stimulate such characteristics. They enjoy the day as long as the bottom line or purpose of the celebration is enjoyed by their kids.

Kindergarten Day At Social Media

People nowadays join in on the fun during Kindergarten Day by sharing some status or messages in social media to remind their friends and loved ones about the special Kindergarten Day. The day is highly visible especially in Twitter wherein many people share the hashtag #NationalKindergartenDay.

Many parents also post pictures and videos with their children showing how they are currently celebrating the special day.

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