Kiss MakeUp Day

National Kiss and Make Up Day - August 25

The Kiss MakeUp Day is always celebrated on the 25th of August each year. This day is all about letting go of grudges, resentment, indignation, and anger. Even though it is an unofficial holiday, it is the perfect day for everyone to reconcile with any person (a friend, a family, a coworker, etc.) to solve any conflict that may have occurred or is happening.

What is the Kiss MakeUp Day?

Kiss and Makeup Day

The Kiss and Make Up Day is a great reminder for us to end any argument, quarrel, or fight. The world is much better when there is lasting peace. Let us all accept that conflicts do happen and sometimes they happen for a reason. But let us all also accept the fact that conflicts are meant to be solved.

The Kiss and Make Up Day is a lot similar to the National Reconciliation Day held every 2nd of April each year. But the Kiss and Make Up Day is all about making amends. All of us fight with a person some point in our lives, be it a family member, a friend, neighbor, classmate, or coworker.

Apology is the most important concept for this day. Giving an apology can break silence and kick start the healing process of a broken or conflict-ridden relationship.

What is the History of Kiss and Make Up Day?

The founder of the Kiss and Make Up Day is Jacqueline Milgate of Hilton, New York. Her main reason for founding this day is to create a special day of forgiveness and apologies. Conflict is one of the biggest truths in our lives. We do encounter conflict at some point or several points in our lives. They are inevitable and we cannot escape them. But the more important thing is solving them. That’s why Milgate came up with the idea of the Kiss and Make Up Day for us people to dedicate one day where we can solve these conflicts and make our lives more encapsulated with peace.

When is Kiss and Make Up Day?

This Kiss and Make Up Day is always held on August 25 of each year. This means that the upcoming Kiss and Make Up Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, August 25, . And next year, people will be able to reconcile all their conflicts when they celebrate this same holiday on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

Why Celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day?

Kiss and Makeup Day

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate the Kiss and Make Up Day:

To Mend Any Broken Relationship

If you are in conflict with someone, then this day is the best time for you to make amends with him or her. You may be in conflict with a friend because of an argument, with your family because of some undone chores, or with your partner because of some romantic relationship issues. No matter who you are in conflict with, the Kiss and Make Up Day is the best time for you to mend the broken relationship.

To Make a Relationship Stronger

It is a fact that fights can make a relationship better. When we fight or have an argument with someone, we are going into a deep-rooted issue or problem. We point it out and realize that we have done something wrong. Recognizing the problem allows us to avoid to do it next time and make ourselves better. And when we do that, we can strengthen a relationship by avoiding something that will make it worse. Hence, if you want to make a relationship better by making amends with someone, then this day is the most ideal time for you to do it.

To Make the World a Better Place

If you know someone who is in a fight or argument with another person, then you can act like the bridge that connects the two together. It is all about making this world a better place. You can help out in solving these conflicts and other related issues between people.

How to Celebrate Kiss MakeUp Day?

Kiss and Makeup Day

The following are the best ways for you to celebrate the Kiss and Make Up Day in the best way possible:

Send a Letter

A good way for you to celebrate this day is to send a letter to the person you are in conflict with. Ii you wholeheartedly accept someone’s apology or if you want to sincerely apologize to someone, then you should send a letter of acceptance or apology, written in the most truthful way. For sure, you can make amends with the person whom you have a conflict with.

Go Out to Shop or to Eat

You can also try to invite the person to go out to eat or shop with you. Perhaps you can do both by going to the mall. You can dine in at a fancy restaurant and then go shopping together. You can buy each other some good things that will allow you to make amends with each other.

Spend Quality Time with the Person

You can also celebrate this day by spending some quality time with the person you are in fight with. There are a lot of possible things you can do to spend quality time with another person. In the simplest way, you can just spend some time together at home while chit chatting and eating some good food.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can post a picture of you and the person whom you have kissed and made up with during this day. While doing that, you can also try to use the hashtag #KissAndMakeUpDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this important day.

Kiss and Make Up Day Greetings Quotes Messages

  • Let us kiss and make up, and not be sad; Life’s too short for fights, I’d much rather be glad. – anonymous
  • “Hey you. Have I mentioned lately that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me? I hate it when we fight. Can we please skip to the kissing and making up part?”
  • “Right about now I’m starting to understand that whole, ‘you hurt the ones you love most’ cliché. I feel terrible about what I said. Can I please make it up to you?”
  • “OK, so we did the fighting part… So, now can we please start making up? I promise it will be more fun.”
  • “I can say sorry over and over, but since actions speak louder than words ever could, come over and let me show you how sorry I really am.”
  • “Maybe this is corny, but it’s true. There is no happily ever after without you in it. Please forgive me.”