National Kouign Amann Day

National Kouign Amann Day - June 20

The Kouign Amann Day is a holiday celebrated every June 20 of the year. This special day is all about giving dedication to the special cake that a lot of people love to eat. This cake is made up of layers of cake bread and caramelized sugar. It is sweet but still very delicious. No wonder the cake has become a traditional and popular one not only in the country but also in different parts of the world. And also no wonder why a special holiday has been dedicated to this special kind of cake.

Kouign Amann Day

Kouign Amann Day

Every 20th of June each year, the National Kouign Amann Day is observed. Kouign Amann is a crusty round cake that is made from though applied with yeast and layered with sugar and butter. It is actually a pastry similar to croissants but this one contains a few layers. The cake is made by slowly baking it until the butter puffs the dough upwards creating layers of cakes and caramelized sugar. The term Kouign Amann comed from the Breton words “kouign” which means cake and “amann” which means butter. Hence, it is simply buttered cake. The Kouign Amann has become a popular and staple pastry in Brittany which is the place where this delicacy originated back in 1860. During that time, butter was abundant but flour was scarce. Raad more in world baking day.

History of the Kouign Amann Day

The origin of the Kouign Amann Day can be traced back to when the Kouign Amann was invented. The Kouign Amann Day started in 2015. The holiday proposal was submitted by the San Francisco bakery b.patisserie back in April 2015. The proposal was approved and the National Day calendar declared June 20 of each year as the National Kouign Amann Day.

Nowadays, people from all over the world celebrate this special holiday to give dedication to this special cake that they love and also to give themselves a good excuse to indulge themselves into this sweet delicacy.

When is the Kouign Amann Day?

This special holiday is always held on the 20th of June each year. This means that this year, the Kouign Amann will be celebrated on Thursday, June 20.

Facts About the Kouign Amann Day

The following are the most interesting facts about the Kouign Amann Day:

  • Though Kouign Amann looks like a normal bread, it is actually categorized under cakes.
  • The Kouign Amann originated in Douarnenez, Finistere in Brittany.
  • The main ingredients of the Kouign Amann are butter, sugar, and dough.
  • The cake was invented back in 1860 by Yves-Rene Scordia.
  • Various bakeries and pastry shops offer different varieties of Kouign Amann during the Kouign Amann Day.
  • The Kouign Amann has become a staple cake in Europe as well as in different parts of the world.

Kouign Amann Day Celebrations

Why celebrate the National Kouign Amann Day?

Perhaps the main reason why you should celebrate the Kouign Amann Day is that it is an extremely fun day that gives you time to become immersed into the haven of eating the very delicious Kouign Amann. No one will be preventing you from eating this sweet delicacy. You have all the time in the day to indulge yourself in it. Hence, make sure to buy a good Kouign Amann from a good pastry shop or bakery. Or if you can, you can bake a Kouign Amann yourself.

How to Celebrate the National Kouign Amann Day?

The following are the best activities that you can do to celebrate this special holiday to its full potential.

Make a Kouign Amann Yourself

Perhaps a good activity that you can do to celebrate this holiday is to make a Kouign Amann yourself. It is actually not complicated to make one. You just have to prepare the ingredients for making dough as well as sugar and butter and you’re all set to make one. You can add your own ingredients to get the taste that you want. For instance, you can add frostings or icings of your choice.

Purchase a Good Kouign Amann

If you don’t have time to make Kouign Amann yourself, then you can just purchase one from a pastry shop or bakery. For sure, these stores will be offering lots of Kouign Amanns during this holiday since they expect that a lot of people will be demanding them.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. For instance, you can use the hashtag #NationalKouignAmann day to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in this event. You can also share photos of the Kouign Amann that you made, or the picture of the one that your purchased from the bakery, or you eating it with your friends and family.

Kouign Amann Day FAQs

What is the origin of the Kouign Amann?

The Kouign Amann is the specialty cake of a town called Douarnenez in Finistere, Brittany. This place is where the Kouign Amann was invented. The inventor is said to be Yves Rene Scordia (1828-1878) who made the cake back in 1860.

The cake was originally made from bread dough that is layered and combined with butter. Each round piece of dough is topped with butter. The resulting pieces are then layered up together. This is then baked slowly so that the butter can puff up the bread resulting in a round layered cake. The sugar added into each layer as well as the coatings caramelizes when baked. This results in a sweet, tasty cake.

What is Kouign Amann?

The Kouign Amann is pronounced as “kwin a-man”. It is a Breton cake and is actually described by the New York Times as the fattiest pastry in Europe. The term means Buttered cake in Bretton. It is a round cake containing layers of cake filled with caramelized sugar in between the layers. Regional and country variations occur for this cake wherein specific places make this cake differently.

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