Kurdish New Year

Kurdish New Year: Information on Newroz Kurdish

The Kurdish New Year, or Kurdish Newroz, is celebrated every year on March 20 (the exact moment of spring equinox). Newroz in Kurdistan is the symbol of success for Kurds, bringing lots of joy to the Kurdish nation.

Newroz Kurdish New Year is observed as a public holiday among Kurds. The day is the most important festival in Kurdish culture and has been associated with dancing, feasting, family gatherings, and of course, leaping over huge bonfires.

This article here covers all you need to know about Kurdish New Year or Newroz in Kurdistan. From Kurdish New Year History to Happy Kurdish New Year Celebrations, get all the required info about this important Kurdish festival here.

rebirth and fertility in Nowruz (written in Persian) celebration

Kurdish New Year (Newroz Kurdish): What does it mean?

The Kurdistan New Year, as the name suggests, is all about celebrating New Year in Kurdistan and rejoicing the revival of nature by welcoming spring.

The day marks the beginning of the Persian new year and the first day of the first month (Farvardin) of the Iranian calendar.

From the very beginning, Kurdish New Year is regarded as the most auspicious day on the Kurd’s calendar. The day not only celebrates the arrival of spring or marks the beginning of the new year, but also symbolizes the revolution and successful struggle of Kurds throughout history.

In Kurdish legend, Kurdish Newroz celebrates the redemption of the Kurds from a tyrant, and it is viewed as a way of showing support for the Kurdish cause.

*Do you know? The term “Newroz” is a combination of two words: “New” meaning New, and “Roz” meaning Day. In English, it means: “THE NEW DAY“.

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Kurdish New Year (Newroz Kurdish): When it is celebrated?

New Year in Kurdistan or the Kurdish New Year falls on the Spring equinox, the first day of spring. The day is celebrated at the exact moment of the spring equinox, which usually occurs around March 20, gives or takes a couple of days.

Newroz alludes to the festival of the traditional Iranian peoples‘ New Year holiday of Nowruz in Kurdish culture. As per the official Iranian calendar dates, Nowruz starts from Farvardin 1 and the festivities continue until Farvardin 13th. *Farvardin is the first month of the Iranian calendar

The Kurdish New Year is celebrated on Saturday, March 20. The day will mark the arrival of spring, the revival of nature, and obviously a new fresh start for the Kurds.

  • Kurdish New Year : Sunday, 21 March
  • Kurdish New Year : Saturday, 20 March
  • Kurdish New Year : Sunday, 21 March
  • Kurdish New Year 2022: Monday, 21 March
  • Kurdish New Year 2023: Tuesday, 21 March
  • Kurdish New Year 2024: Wednesday, 20 March
  • Kurdish New Year 2025: Friday, 21 March

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Kurdish New Year (Newroz Kurdish): What is the history of this day?

To understand why Newroz is celebrated in Kurdistan, you obviously need to read the history of Kurdish New Year. In Kurdish legend, this day celebrates the redemption of the Kurds from a tyrant, and it is viewed as a way of showing support for the Kurdish cause.

The story of Kurdish Newroz goes back to the times of the cruel ruling king, named Zahak.

Zahak was a wicked Assyrian king who conquered Iran and had serpents growing from his shoulders. His rule in Iran continued for one thousand years and his evil reign made spring never again come to Kurdistan.

It is said that during evil king Zahak’s rule, two men were sacrificed every day and their brains were offered to Zahak’s serpents so as to relieve his pain. However, the man who was ordered by the king to sacrifice two young fellows on daily basis, would rather kill only one man a day and mix his brain with those of a sheep so as to spare the other man.

Beauty colorful painted eggs in cartoon style to play and decorate tabletop in Nowruz holidays

As unrest and displeasure developed against Zahak’s evil rule, the nobleman Fereydun arranged a revolt. The revolt was driven by Kawa, a blacksmith who had lost his six young sons to Zahak.

The young fellows who had been saved earlier from the fate of being sacrificed (who as indicated by the legend were ancestors of the Kurds) were prepared by Kawa into a military that walked to Zahak’s castle where Kawa slaughtered the king with a hammer.

Kawa is said to have then set flame to the hillsides to commend the triumph and call his supporters; spring came back to Kurdistan the following day.

The Kurdish New Year, or Newroz Kurdish, is customarily set apart as the day that Kawa crushed Zahak. This legend is presently utilized by the Kurds to remind themselves that they are strong people and the lighting of the fires has since turned into a symbol of freedom.

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Kurdistan New Year (Newroz Kurdistan): Why it is celebrated?

Before Islam became a widespread religion in Iran, the ancestors of the modern Kurds were devotees of the Zoroastrianism religion. The earliest origins of Kurdish Newroz lie in Zoroastrianism, marking this holiday as one of the holiest days on the ancient Zoroastrianism calendar.

In Zoroastrianism mythology, the end of winter and arrival of spring meant incredible spiritual significance and represented the triumph of good over evil, victory of happiness over distress, and win of unity over division. In particular, the Spirit of Noon, which was believed to be disappeared by the Spirit of Winter amid the cold climate, was welcomed back with great excitement on the day of Nowruz as per Zoroastrian tradition.

Secondly, a major credit of grand Newroz celebrations among Kurds goes to the victory against cruel King Zahak, which was achieved by the Kurds on this day. In the 1930s, the writings of the famous Kurdish poet Taufik Abdullah turned this holiday into a symbol of the Kurdish national struggle.

Many historians also believe that ancient people celebrated the Kurdish New Year in accordance to the seasons because of the fact that majority of the people were engaged in agricultural activities, and spring has always been a symbol of a new chapter in farmer’s lives. This may be coherent thinking behind the way that a wide range of countries, particularly those in the Middle East, commend the start of spring as the New Year.

Kurdish New Year (The Kurdish Newroz Festival): How it is celebrated?

Newroz is viewed as the most vital celebration in Kurdish culture. Every year between March 19th and March 20, Kurds around the world celebrate their Kurdish New Year or Kurdish Newroz which begins with the arrival of spring when nature starts reviving and flowers bloom.

For thousands of years, the arrival of Kurdish New Year has been connected with happiness, family get-togethers, feasting, dancing, and obviously, making traditional bonfires. On the eve of Newroz, in southern and eastern Kurdistan, customary fires are lit. These fires symbolize the end of the dark season, winter, and the landing of spring, the period of light and nature revival.

the nature's renewal and wealth in Nowruz celebration

Have a look at some famous Kurdish Newroz customs, traditions, and celebrations:

1). Few weeks before the arrival of Kurdish New Year, Kurds around the world do a thorough spring cleaning of their homes. Old furniture is repaired, walls are painted new, rugs and carpets are washed, curtains and windows are properly cleaned, and homes are beautifully decorated prior to the Kurdish Newroz festival.

2). Setting the Haft-Seen table is a common Kurdish Newroz custom. The Haft-Seen is a table that is decorated with seven different items, all starting with the letter “s” or “seen” in the Persian language. Each item on the Nowruz table symbolizes love, fertility, wellbeing, and revival.

3). Leaping over fires and lighting fires is the most famous tradition at Newroz in Kurdistan. Hundreds of Kurds gather in large grounds where they make a bonfire and jump over the flames in a ritual while chanting: “Give me your wonderful red color And take back my unhealthy paleness“. Leaping over fires ensures good health for the new year and is said to have burned all bad luck and fear from one’s soul.

4). The Kurdish Newroz celebrations also include: cooking traditional dishes, throwing New Year parties, organizing family functions, sharing food with the local community, performing cultural dances, and enjoying picnics with family and friends.

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Kurdish New Year (Newroz Kurdish): What’s the importance of this day for Kurds?

Kurdish New Year and the month of March are a symbol of success for Kurds. This is a special time of the year that brings a new light of success to the Kurdish nation. The event symbolizes the struggle of Kurds throughout history and a splendid future for the Kurdish people.

The Kurdistan New Year is not only about feasting or dancing, but also radiates the importance of love, unity, and togetherness in the Kurdish people.

Happy New Year in Kurdish: Kurdish New Year Wishes & Greetings

Looking for Happy Kurdish New Year wishes? As Kurdish Newroz celebrations have kickstarted to usher, it’s time to welcome the Kurdish New Year with these lovely and inspirational new year messages for your loved ones to light up their day.

  • May this Kurdish new year bring new happiness, goals, accomplishments and a great deal of new motivation for your life. Wishing you a year completely stacked with joy.
  • Just as a new flower blooms and spreads aroma and freshness around, May the Kurdish new year add another magnificence, freshness into your life. Happy Kurdish Newroz!
  • May the new year days be as brilliant as the sunshine and as peaceful as the evening glow. Have a great year ahead. Happy Kurdish New Year!
  • May the new year bring you warmth, love, and light to direct your way to a positive goal. Happy Newroz Kurdish!
  • May you and your family have a blessed New Year.

red clothes and tambourine celebrating in Nowruz celebration

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The Kurdish New Year – Quick Facts

The Kurdish New Year is celebrated annually on March 20 or the time when spring equinox occurs. Also known as Kurdish Newroz, the day marks the arrival of spring and the start of Iranian New Year.

Thursday, March 20, 2022 marks: Kurdish New Year – New Year in Kurdistan – Newroz Kurdish

Date: Saturday, 20 March 2022

Time: Newroz Kurdish 2022Time – 01:28:27 AM

Significance: Kurdish New Year; the celebration of the new year and the start of spring

Also called: Kurdish Newroz, Kurdistan New Year, Nawroz

Observances: Exchanging greetings, leaping over fires, lighting fires, setting Haft-seen, feasting, dancing