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National Lighthouse Day

Lighthouse Day in the US: A Day To Commemorate the Signing of the Act for the Establishment and Support of Lighthouse by the US Congress

Lighthouse Day is celebrated every 7th of August each year. It is primarily celebrated in the United States to commemorate the signing of the Act for the Establishment and Support of lighthouses, beacons, public piers, and buoys by the US Congress in 1789.

What is the Lighthouse Day?

Lighthouse Day

This holiday is an annual celebration that gives honor to the beacon of light that lighthouses emit. Such beacon of light has provided safety and security to boats and ships at sea. A lighthouse is simply a tower, building, or any similar structure designed to emit light that can be used to aid the navigation of travelers at sea. Lighthouse day gives dedication to such an amazing structure. Such a celebration is justified. Lighthouses have provided safety and security to people. The day is a good way to express gratitude to these structures.

History of Lighthouse Day

The origin of the lighthouse day can be traced back to when people started to use lighthouses for guiding people at the sea.

The Origin of Lighthouses

Since the late 1960s, lighthouses have guided boats and ships safely back to the shore. They are the source of the beacon of light that when seen by travelers, give them a sense of relief and security. But aside from that important role, lighthouses have also become tourist destinations for people on land. Ironically, lighthouses were once used as markets for dangerous harbors, shorelines, and reefs. Now, they play a pivotal role in maritime travel and also in tourism.

The Origin of the Lighthouse Day Celebration

Back in 1789, the United States Congress passed an act to secure the maintenance and protection of all lighthouses under federal support. On the 200th anniversary of the passing of this act, Senator John Chafee from Rhode Island sponsored a resolution that designated August 7 as the National Lighthouse Day

. This day is dedicated to celebrating the scenic and historical structures which comforted travelers on sea throughout the centuries.

When is Lighthouse Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on August 7 each year. This means that the upcoming  Lighthouse day will be celebrated on August 7.

Lighthouse Day Celebrations & Activities


Why Celebrate?

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate Lighthouse Day:

Lighthouses Have Guided People Even Before There Was Electricity

Lighthouses have existed even before electricity was invented. Originally, lighthouses made use of burning coal or fire to become sources of light for seafarers. When lamps were invented, people began to use lamps powered by oil to provide light. When electric lamps came in 1875, lighthouses began to incorporate these as sources of light. This means that lighthouses have been around even before our lives were made more comfortable with electricity. Expressing gratitude towards lighthouses during the holiday is a good reason to celebrate it.

Stood Up Against the Tests of Time

Lighthouses are sturdy and durable structures. They have stood up against the tests of time. They have experienced extreme conditions such as earthquakes, strong winds, typhoons, and storms. But even under these situations, they stood still to provide guidance to sea travelers. Such extreme endurance exhibited by lighthouses is a good reason why the day dedicated for them must be celebrated.

It is a Delight to See Lighthouses

As mentioned earlier, lighthouses function not only to guide seafarers but also to amaze people especially tourists. There is no denying that the sight of lighthouses can be mesmerizing. It can have its own unique shape (usually cylindrical) and is surrounded by the scenery of the surrounding sea. There’s no surprise that people love to see the beauty of lighthouses and take pictures with them.

How to Celebrate this Day?

The following are the best activities you can do to celebrate Lighthouse Day in the best way possible:

Visit the Nearest Lighthouse

If there’s a lighthouse near you, then this is the perfect day to go visit it. For sure, you can meet lots of people there since they will also be celebrating the holiday. Take pictures with that lighthouse and then share it on social media and also use the hashtag #LightHouseDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this event.

Assist in the Preservation 

Lighthouses have been around for quite a long time. Most have become historical structures that are worth preserving. You can assist in the preservation of lighthouses by donating even a small amount for the continuous operations of maintaining lighthouses.


If you can’t come to a near lighthouse. Then you can just celebrate the day by painting one. This is a good thing to do to manifest and exercise your creativity.

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