Liptember: Bold Lips, Bolder Conversations on Women's Mental Health

Liptember, celebrated every September, is a dynamic and innovative campaign designed to bring vividness to the often-muted topic of women’s mental health. By donning bright lipstick, participants not only make a fashion statement but also craft a powerful visual prompt that encourages discourse around a topic of paramount importance. The lipstick, in its radiant hues, serves as a metaphorical beacon, drawing attention and inviting conversations that might otherwise remain veiled. With each swipe of color, it aims to diminish the stigma associated with mental health issues, urging society to acknowledge, understand, and support the psychological wellbeing of women. Liptember is more than just a cosmetic choice; it’s a movement, championing the cause of mental health, and emphasizing that the journey to mental wellbeing should be as embraced and unapologetic as the bold shades worn by its advocates.

Quick Facts:

  • Visibility and Awareness: Liptember successfully uses the symbol of bright lipstick as a conversation starter to raise awareness about women’s mental health.
  • Community Engagement: The campaign fosters community engagement, with individuals and organizations coming together for a common cause.
  • Significant Impact: Since its inception, Liptember has raised millions of dollars for women’s mental health initiatives.
  • Wide Range of Beneficiaries: Funds raised during Liptember benefit a wide range of organizations working on various aspects of women’s mental health.
  • Empowerment Through Action: The campaign encourages women and allies to take an active role in improving mental health outcomes through fundraising and awareness-building activities.

History of Liptember

Liptember, which blossomed in Australia in 2010, is not just an awareness campaign but a potent fundraising initiative, deeply rooted in the commitment to champion women’s mental health. Originating from the shores of Australia, it seamlessly melds the world of beauty with the serious and pressing issue of mental well-being, illustrating that advocacy can wear many faces, even a vibrant one. The brilliance of Liptember lies in its collaborations, especially its partnership with the renowned pharmacy chain, Chemist Warehouse. By joining forces with such a prominent and accessible entity, Liptember amplified its reach and influence, making the campaign more visible and impactful. Additionally, teaming up with various national charities ensured that the funds raised were channeled effectively to address the multifaceted needs associated with women’s mental health. Over the years, Liptember has grown in magnitude, leaving an indelible mark on Australia’s mental health landscape, proving that even a simple gesture like applying lipstick can ignite significant change and foster a community of support, understanding, and care.

Significance of Liptember

Visibility for Women’s Mental Health: While mental health concerns touch everyone, women experience some conditions at a higher rate than men, and some issues distinctly pertain to women. Liptember gives a platform to these concerns.

Fundraising for Vital Services: All funds raised during Liptember are donated to partnered beneficiaries, helping them continue their crucial services and research in women’s mental health.

Breaking the Stigma: By associating a visible and fun action – wearing bright lipstick – with mental health discussions, Liptember helps break down barriers and reduces the stigma surrounding the topic.

Ways to Participate in Liptember

Wear Bright Lipstick: The most fundamental way to participate is by donning a vibrant lip color throughout September. It’s a conversation starter!

Donate or Fundraise: Purchase a Liptember lipstick from Chemist Warehouse or create a fundraising page to gather donations.

Engage on Social Media: Share your bright-lipped selfies using the hashtag #Liptember, and share information about women’s mental health to educate your followers.

Host an Event: Organize a Liptember-themed event, be it a morning tea, a webinar on mental health, or even a virtual gathering to encourage discussions.

Support and Listen: Use this month to offer a listening ear to the women in your life. Sometimes, a simple conversation can make a world of difference.

Fun Facts:

  • Liptember not only encourages fundraising but also promotes conversations around women’s mental health, thus breaking down the stigma associated with it.
  • Apart from individuals, various organizations and companies participate in Liptember, encouraging their staff to get involved.
  • The campaign utilizes a bright and vibrant visual element (lipstick) to draw attention to a deeply serious and pressing issue, using contrast as a tool for engagement.
  • Over the years, numerous celebrities and influencers have joined the Liptember campaign, using their platforms to amplify the message and raise funds.
  • The Liptember Foundation collaborates with chemists and retailers in Australia, offering special Liptember lipsticks, with proceeds going towards the campaign.


What is Liptember?

Liptember is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness and funds for women’s mental health. Participants wear a brightly colored lipstick throughout September to promote conversation about mental health issues and encourage more open dialogue.

When is Liptember observed?

Liptember is observed throughout the month of September.

How does wearing lipstick help raise awareness?

The bold choice of lipstick acts as a conversation starter, allowing people to discuss and destigmatize women’s mental health issues. It serves as a symbolic gesture to bring attention to a cause that often remains unspoken.

How can individuals support or participate in Liptember?

Participants can purchase official Liptember lipsticks, wear them throughout the month, register for a fundraising page, and collect donations. Supporters can also attend or host Liptember events.

Where do the funds raised during Liptember go?

Funds raised are donated to various partner organizations that focus on women’s mental health research, support, and educational programs.

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