National Love Your Pet Day

Happy National Love Your Pet Day — 20 February

Every 20th of February each year, we celebrate National Love Your Pet Day. This holiday aims to encourage all pet owners to spend some quality time with their pets and show them that they are appreciated and loved. Whether you own a dog, cat, bird, reptile, or fish, this day gives no excuse for you to not pamper your pets and also to show them how much they mean to you.

What is National Love Your Pet Day?

Love Your Pet Day

This holiday celebrated every 20th of February is when pet lovers enjoy a fun day with their pets. A holiday like this sets aside a day for you to give extra attention to your pets and a day full of pampering them. This is also a good day where you can improve your relationship with your pets.

One thing to note if is that most households in the USA have at least one pet. In terms of population, there are more cats than dogs in the US. But more households own more dogs than cats since most people prefer to own the more trainable and tamable dogs. Furthermore, pets are not limited only to the canine and feline species. There are some people who prefer taking care of birds, fishes, reptiles, and rodents like mice, rates, and hamsters. But whoever your companion may be, you can be sure to spend a good day with your pet during the National Love Your Pet Day. you also benefit from this yourself because you can relive yourself of stress and lower your blood pressure.

History of Love Your Pet Day?

Even though we have done a thorough research about the National Love Your Pet Day, we still cannot figure out exactly how it started. And for that we cannot even pinpoint who started the celebration. But we still can make a good guess. Perhaps one person or more realized that a special day should be dedicated to our loving pets. And maybe from that, more and more people joined the celebration of this unofficial holiday until it became an internationally widespread event.

When is National Love Your Pet Day?

This holiday is always held on the 20th of February each year. This means that the next celebration of the National Love Your Pet Day will be on February 20. And the year after that, people will celebrate this holiday on February 20,

Why We Celebrate Love Your Pet Day?

There are so many great reasons why you should participate in the celebration of the National Love Your Pet Day. The following are the most important ones.

Pets Listen to You

When you own a pet like a cat or a dog, they listen to you most of the time. Your dog will listen to various commands you give to him or her especially if he or she is trained. Apart from this, pets can also listen to you whenever you feel like talking to someone. It is like having a good friend with whom you can express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Pets Can Make You Feel Good

Another good thing about owning a pet is that it can make you feel good. According to scientific studies, spending time with animals can boost your production of feel-good hormones which are shown to improve blood pressure. In addition, walking around with your dog is a really good way to spend your day and relax and get some good physical activity right up in your sleeves.

Pets are Adorable

Pets are just adorable as children. There are lots of cute pets that just by looking at them makes you feel good. They also do some fun things that make us laugh. It is because pets are so adorable that we enjoy taking pictures of them and pictures with them which we post on our social media accounts.

How to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day?

There are so many good activities that you can do to make your celebration of this day as fun as it can be. The following are the staple ones that people usually conduct.

Take Your Pet to New Places

We cannot deny the fact that most of our pets just stay in our homes. Don’t you realize just how boring it can be? That is why our pets usually become extremely happy when we go home from work because they have waited for long hours already. And to relieve your pets of this boredom, you should spend a day with them in another place apart from your home during the event. Perhaps you can both go to the beach. You may even want to visit a pet café. If you have a dog, maybe you can let him or her meet some new friends.

Spoil Your Pet

Spoiling our pets is really fun to do. You have to admit it. It will be beneficial to both you and your pet to spend the day of National Love Your Pet Day by giving him or her a new toy or treat, whipping up a good meal, or spending some quality time with your pet. You can even spend time with him or her watching a movie. Your pet will surely be right beside you all the time.

Adopt a New Pet

Another good idea to celebrate the day is by adopting a new pet. Perhaps you can own a new dog or cat, or even a unique one like a fish or reptile. If you still don’t have a pet, then you are missing a lot of things in your life. This is the perfect day for you to get one.

National Love Your Pet Day Images

A beautiful collection of National Love your pet day images. Download them straight away here, and use them to wish everyone a Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

Happy National Love Your Pet Day Quotes Captions

  • If you need someone to love you forever, purchase a pet, feed it and keep it around.
  • If possessing a soul means being able to feel love and devotion and appreciation, then pet animals are better off than many humans.
  • Having a pet will bless you with a significant number of the most joyful days of your life, and one of the worst.
  • When you have had a loving pet, a life without one is a life diminished.
  • If the best loving souls were compensated with the longest lives, pets would outlast every one of us.
  • Regardless of what wealth you possess, having a pet makes you rich.
  • The world would be a more pleasant spot if everybody had the capacity to love as unconditionally as a pet cat or dog.
  • Happiness is a cute little pet.
  • Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
  • A pet will show you, genuine love. If you have that in your life, things won’t be too hard.