Mole Day

Mole Day: A Chemistry Holiday Honoring Avogadro's Number - observed next on 23 October

Mole Day is a science-holiday celebrated annually, among chemistry nerds on October 23rd. The day was created to honor Moles… the chemistry concept, not the critter! And, also to cultivate an interest in chemistry. Happy Mole Day to all chemistry enthusiasts out there.

Mole Day: What is it all about?

Mole Day is celebrated on October 23rd, starting at 6:02 am. It’s a play on Avogadro’s Number, which is [6.022 x 10^23] — a very big number used to describe huge amounts of very small things like atoms or molecules.

Mole Day October 23

Made exclusively for chemistry enthusiasts – Mole Day honors Avogadro’s Number, lays emphasis on the importance of Moles in chemistry, and increases a student’s interest in Chemistry.

A mole is another name for Avogadro’s number, which is 6.022 x 10^23. Kinda like how a “dozen” is another name for 12. So why do we need a name for such a big number? Well, we could write it like this: 602,214,129,000,000,000,000,000 – But that would take a while.

Another example: For the number of molecules in a cup of water, you could write an 8 with 24 zeros after it… or you could just call it 13 moles of water instead! Isn’t that easier?

Moles make counting easier for chemists, particularly when talking about atoms or molecules, and to honor them – there’s this day called Mole Day.

Other names for this chemistry-holiday are National Mole Day, Mole Appreciation Day, Mole Day in Chemistry, Mole Day Avogadro.

National Mole Day Joke

History of Mole Day: Who created it?

Mole Day was founded by the Mole Day Foundation to be observed on Oct 23rd from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm, celebrating the aforementioned Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 1023).

It is said that the term “Mole Day” originated from a chemistry article published on The Science Teacher journal in the early 1980s. Inspired by this, Maurice Oehler, presently a retired chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, established the National Mole Day Foundation on May 15, 1991.

The first Mole Day was celebrated on October 23, 1991.

*Do you know? The time 6:02 am honors the first digits of Avogadro’s Number (6.02) and the (10^23) is chosen to represent the 10th month of the year October and 23rd date.

The motivation behind the day was to encourage students to develop an interest in chemistry, and to make them aware of the interesting information surrounding the mole unit.

When is Mole Day?

National Mole Day falls on  October 23.

Mole Day Celebration: Activities & Ideas

Mole Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm among chemists, chemistry nerds, and chemistry students on October 23. Many high schools especially those in the United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa organize special Mole Day events and competitions for chemistry students – accompanied by various fun activities related to moles.

Mole Day Activities

Make a celebratory method that gives students a wide scope of choices, enabling them to take an interest effectively as per their own learning styles. Here are some remarkable ideas and activities to observe Mole Day:

  • Get about the life and discoveries of Amedeo Avogadro. Write an article specifying his achievements and different essays covering issues and data (political, social, and so on.) of his period. (Avogadro was engaged with the politics of his era.)
  • Dress like a “mole” and have some fun with your friends.
  • Make mole buttons. (Button-making kits are accessible at art & craft stores.) Require high-school students who choose this activity to make a few of a similar plan, then exchange designs with other class fellows and also offer 1 to the class teacher. Every one of you wears them all through Mole Day.
  • Make Mole Day posters, banners, and drawings.
  • Prepare Mole Day food – for example, Avogadro plunge and bake mole (not the animal as an ingredient) cakes, treats, cupcakes, brownies, and so forth. Some intelligent may make a recipe, using 1 mole of flour, sugar, chocolate, etc!
  • Wear mole T-shirt.
  • Make posters with Mole Day slogans and hang them in main areas of school welcoming everybody to celebrate.
  • Construct a mole home, as for the animal, utilizing a mole (22.4 L of gas)- measured compartment.
  • Calculate in grams a mole of a few substances and show them for examination.
  • Create lyrics, stories, or melodies, and crack the mole jokes. There is a ton of mole humor on the web; investigate.
  • Make or purchase a mole hand manikin or soft toy and make it your partner for the day.

Mole Day Humor: Jokes & Memes

Mole Day Funny Pun

  • Do you know what did Avogadro teach his students in math class? – Moletiplication!
  • What do you call a 10th grader who is taking chemistry? – A sophomole!
  • Why does Avogadro like Cindy Crawford? – She’s his favorite super-mole-dle (and she has a mole).
  • Why is it bad to crack mole jokes on someone? Because it’s mole-itically incorrect!
  • What did the generous mole say when people crashed his party? The mole the merrier!
  • What are mammoles? Four-legged animoles!
  • How would you describe a stinky chemist? Hmm… A Mole-odorous
  • What kind of fruit did Avogadro eat in the summer? Watermolens!
  • What kind of test do chemistry students like best? Mole-tiple choice question answers.
  • What illness kept Avogadro in bed for two months? Moleonucleosis
  • What do you get when you have a bunch of moles acting like idiots? A bunch of Moleasses
  • Why is Avogadro so rich? He’s a multi-mole-ionare!
  • Which tooth did Avogadro have pulled? One of his molars.
  • What does Avogadro put in his hot chocolate? Marsh-mole-ows!
  • What did one mole say to the other? We make great chemistry together.

Mole Day Puns: Funny Definitions

Mole Day Funny Puns

  • Demoleition: destruction moles cause in your yard (or on your chemistry paper, if you forget Avogadro’s number)
  • Dismole: being sad on Mole Day
  • Moleskito: a tiny flying mole-like creature that drinks the blood of a person who forgets the date of Mole Day
  • Mole-mole: a mole double agent
  • Molebile: a mole decoration which hangs from the ceiling
  • Molect: the collection of Mole Day tees, games, and banners
  • Molectomy: the study of mole anatomy
  • Molelaberate: working together on a Mole Day project
  • Molehill: a small mound of dirt in your backyard made by burrowing moles
  • Moleism: the reverence given to moles on Mole Day or on any day by a chemist
  • Moleodic: a word describing the sound of Mole Day songs
  • Remolte control: a device used to watch television shows about chemistry and moles
  • Remoletly: having to do with a mole, barely
  • Sophmole: anyone in the tenth grade who is taking chemistry

National Mole Day Pun

Mole Day Themes:

  • 1991 – The Mole The Merrier
  • 1992 – Go For The Mole
  • 1993 – Mole Out The Barrel
  • 1994 – An Ace In The Mole
  • 1995 – Moledi Gras
  • 1996 – Molemorial Day
  • 1997 – We Dig Chemistry
  • 1998 – Ride The Molercoaster
  • 1999 – Its A Mole World
  • 2000 – Celebrate The Molennium
  • 2001 – Molar Odyssey
  • 2002 – Molar Reflections
  • 2003 – Rock N’ Mole
  • 2004 – Pi a la Mole
  • 2005 – Moles Go Round
  • 2006 – Mole Madness
  • 2007 – Double Theme
  • 2008 – Mole of Fortune
  • 2009 – Molar Express
  • 2010 – Moles of the Caribbean
  • 2011 – Moles of the Round Table
  • 2012 – Molar Eclipse
  • 2013 – Animole Kingdom
  • 2014 – Mole-O-Ween
  • 2015 – May The Moles Be With You
  • 2016 – Periodic Table of EleMoleMents
  • 2017 – The MOLEVENGERS
  • – Moley Potter
  •  – DespicaMOLE Me

Mole Day DespicaMole Me

Mole Day Images: Free Download Posters & Banners

Here’s a collection of Mole Day images, banners and posters that you can print, share or free download for Mole Day .

Interesting Facts about Mole Day

  • Mole Day is celebrated annually on October 23rd, starting at 6:02 am and ending at 6:02 pm. It commemorates Avogadro’s Number, which is [6.022 x 10^23].
  • Mole Day was celebrated for the very first time on October 23, 1991.
  • Moles make counting easier for chemists, particularly when talking about atoms or molecules, and to honor moles – there’s this day called Mole Day.
  • Mole Day is founded by Mole Day Foundation, and the owner of this foundation is Maurice Oehler, who is a retired chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
  • The starting time 6:02 am – ending time 6:02 pm honor the first digits of Avogadro’s Number (6.02) and the (10^23) is chosen to represent the 10th month – October and 23rd date.
  • The reason behind the creation of this day was to encourage young students to develop an interest in chemistry.
  • Mole Day is celebrated on Wednesday, October 23.
  • Mole Day is celebrated by cracking jokes on your friends, making Mole-inspired desserts, and participating in events and competitions.
  • What do chemists observe every October 23 from 6.02 am to 6.02 pm? It’s National MOLE DAY.
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