Montreal Greek Film Festival

The Montreal Greek Film Festival or MGFF is an annual event held in Greece in order to recognize the best films of the year and show them to the citizens of the country. It is usually a week-long event wherein different films are shown on different schedules. This year, the film festival was held from April 7 to 14. It will be held again next year with the schedule to be announced. Let us learn more about this film festival below.

Montreal Greek Film Festival

What is the Montreal Greek Film Festival?

This film festival shows all the best films for the year in Greece. Films of different genre including drama, thriller, comedy, action, and documentary are shown. An opening night film is first shown on the first day. Awards and recognition are also given to the best actors, actresses, directors, script writers, producers, music directors, costumer designers, and more.

History of the Montreal Greek Film Festival

The MGFF was founded to become a platform for producers, directors, screenwriters, and actors to show their work in Montreal. Participants are mostly Greek people. This event lasts for a week and it included an opening night ceremony as well as a closing night ceremony. The films are of various genres. There are also short films. Genres of both include comedy, drama, and documentary. During the last decade, Greek cinema has received a lot of recognition internationally. Various Greek films have been nominated in international award shows. The aim of the MGFF is to give the spotlight to the best Greek films of the year and also to recognize the people behind such films who did a great job.

The staff and employees involved in this film festival work hard ever since its inception in 2009. It is also produced with a partnership from the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal.

The MGFF returned. It was held from April 7 to 14. The best films in Greece were presented and shown to the Greek people. Even the non-Greeks (the tourists) also participated in the week-long event.

When is the Montreal Greek Film Festival?

As mentioned before, the MGFF is an annual event. In , it was held from April 7 to 14. It will be held again next year on . However, the schedule for the event is yet to be announced.

Facts about the Montreal Greek Film Festival

The MGFF is indeed an interesting event especially for film enthusiasts. The Greek film industry has recently become very competitive internationally because their films are starting to gain nominations and wins in international film awards. Let us now take a look at various interesting facts about the MGFF.

Exciting Lineup of Movies

Of course, the MGFF is always lined up with the best films of the year in Greece. For , the line-up includes The Other Me which is a murder mystery film, Roza of Smyrna which is a story about a matriarch who keeps dirty little secrets, Kazantzakis which is a true story about a great Greek author named Nikos Kazantzakis, and Lines which is a story about seven people with different stories.

Opportunities for Sponsorship

The film festival is always sponsored and has several partners. Perhaps, you want to become one? If so, then you should contact the organizers of the event and coordinate with them about how you can become a partner.

Volunteering in the Event

Since the MGFF is a big event, you can lend your time and energy by volunteering in the event. Of course, the event needs as much people as possible who will help the organization in making the event a success. You can become generous and give your dedication as a volunteer in the weeklong event.


The MGFF in particular is a very interesting event. During this year, the MGFF takes pride in how it built its history and take the steps towards becoming one of the best ethnic film festivals in Montreal. For this year, the seventh edition features 4 North American premieres. It has over 4000 website visitors, 3000 Facebook fans, and other more supporters. If you missed the April celebration of this event, do not be sad. Remember that there is always a next year for you to celebrate this special week-long event.

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