National Moonshine Day

National Moonshine Day – June 5

Every 5th of June of the year, we celebrate the National Moonshine Day. Moonshine is a powerful and rich distillation that has a rich history in literature but also a complicated and political one. A simple fact about moonshine is that a lot of people love it simply because of its powerful and delicious flavor. Once considered illegal, the moonshine industry continues to grow as more and more varieties and flavors are added to the racks. The National Moonshine Day is celebrated to commemorate the history of this spirit as well as its return to the market.

National Moonshine Day

Moonshine Day

The National Moonshine Day is held every 5th of June each year. This drink actually has a notorious record. It once became illegal because it allegedly turned men and women into criminals. Moonshine is made from corn mash. It is a distilled whiskey typically produced by a person who may not have a permit for its production. Moonshine is also known as mountain dew, white lightning, hillbilly pop, homebrew, rotgut, and many more terms.

History of National Moonshine Day

The history of the Moonshine Day can be traced back to when the drink first appeared in USA.

Early Years of Moonshine

It was during the 1830s when skills of distilling first came into the United States. it was brought by the Scotch-Irish when they settled in Virginia. However, temperance laws and prohibition legislation were passed in various states just before the Civil War. However, the temperance movement quickly gained up some steam. Hence, prohibition lasted only for 13 years. This created an increase in popularity and demand for moonshine. The beverage instantly became a quick success overnight.

Moonshine Today

Nowadays, moonshine is almost universally legal but still with control from the government. Legal moonshines are produced in small batch distilleries. Each of these production hobs usually give their own names for the moonshines that they make. Though moonshines are popular, they still compete with other drinks on the shelf especially whiskey. Many producers package their moonshined in canning bars. They also experiment with flavors and try various food pairs that can be consumed along with the drink.

When is National Moonshine Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on the 5th of June each year. This means that the next National Moonshine Day will be held on June 5, . And the year after that, the holiday will be celebrated on June 5.

National Moonshine Day Celebrations & Activities

Why Celebrate National Moonshine Day?

The following are the reasons why you should celebrate the National Moonshine Day.

This is the Best Time to Do So

We are all in the age of drinks. There are so much variety. Drinking beverages can help us infuse ourselves and make us feel better. And hence, in this age, this is the best time for you to enjoy celebrating the National Moonshine Day.

There’s A Lot of Variety

Perhaps another reason why you should celebrate the National Moonshine Day is that this is the opportunity for you to taste the various varieties of the beverage. There are a lot actually. You can choose the one that you prefer the most. You can taste first to see if you like the specific kind of moonshine that you are about to drink.

It is No Longer Illegal

There was a time when moonshines were illegal. But then as people lobbied for the legality of moonshines, they were able to achieve victory and that’s why we are all allowed to dink this amazing beverage right now. You should celebrate the National Moonshine Day to honor this legacy and thank the people who fought for this.

How to Celebrate National Moonshine Day?

The following are the best activities done for the celebration of the holiday:

Try Out a Craft Moonshine

Moonshines can be produced outside of production hubs. With the right ingredients and tools, you can even make one for your own. Or you can also try those that are crafted by small companies and some other individuals. They usually add their own twists to the moonshines that they make. You should try these kinds of moonshines.

Throw a Moonshine Party

Perhaps what you can do to celebrate the National Moonshine Day is to throw a moonshine party. You can invite your friends and relatives over to have a party where you can enjoy drinking moonshines and where you can also enjoy eating lots of delicious foods that complement the beverage.

Enjoy Drinking Moonshine Under the Moonlight

Another good thing to do for the celebration of the holiday at night is to work under the moonlight with moonshine in hand. It will be good to experience this while you relax under the light of the moon while you indulge yourself in drinking moonshine.

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