National Mustard Day

National Mustard Day First Saturday of August

National Mustard Day honors one of the world’s favorite condiments, the Mustard! Ground using mustard seeds, mustard is one of America’s favorite sauces. Food lovers can enjoy this stunning topping when National Mustard Day is celebrated in August every year. The holiday is celebrated at the National Mustard Museum, where it was originally initiated.

Guests who visit the museum on this mustard day can take part in a huge variety of fun activities. You can get free hot dogs and mustard tasting samples, along with loads of other fun activities.

National Mustard Day


When is National Mustard Day celebrated?

National Mustard Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of August, every year. Therefore, this year, National Mustard Day is all set to be enjoyed on August 7. Millions of people take part in these celebrations & the same day National French Toast Day.

History of National Mustard Day

Mustard Day was initiated by Jill Sengstock in 1988 before it eventually became the official sponsor of the National Mustard Museum 3 years later.

Mustard as a crop is believed to be around 5000 years old. It was first grown in India in 3000 BC. Mustard was eventually exported to Ancient Britain where it quickly became a favorite household condiment of the Romans.

Although the day is officially being celebrated since 1991, 2010 was the breakthrough year when celebrations touched heights never reached before. The 2010 National Mustard Day street festival was celebrated at the current home of the Museum in Downtown Middleton, Wisconsin, with an attendance of more than 6,000 mustard-heads.

Apart from just the celebrations, the event has managed to extract thousands of dollars for local charity every single year. The Restoring Hope Transplant House, The Friends of the Middleton Library, the Middleton Cardinals Booster Club LOV Dane are a few names who have hugely benefited from this golden day.

The biggest ever National Mustard Day celebrations took place in 2017, when the ‘World’s Biggest #MustardChallenge’ partnered with the NGO “No More Kids With Cancer” to raise social media awareness and attract donations for pediatric cancer research.

Facts about National Mustard Day

  • It is officially celebrated at the National Mustard Museum.
  • There is no fixed date for the National Mustard Day.
  • It happens on the first Saturday of August every year.
  • As of now, National Mustard Day is 29 years old
  • National Mustard Day not only allows for mustardy celebrations, but also helps raise charity
  • National Mustard Day helps raise awareness for Cancer research and treatment

What to do on National Mustard Day?

There’s literally so much that you can do on this day. If you reside in the United States, you could take part in the official celebrations, which we are going to discuss right now. However, no need to feel all down if you are not a US citizen, as we have plenty of ideas for you too!

Mustard Day
A boy standing outside National Mustard Museum, where Mustard Day is celebrated annually on first Saturday in August.

If you live in the US

The official Mustard Day celebrations will also be taking place in Middleton. So, if you’re on your way, make sure to keep these few tips in mind.

* This may require a bit of walking, but hey, walking is healthy! Try to park your cars a bit farther from the event itself, to avoid all the traffic

* The official band performance starts at around 9 30, so be there accordingly, that is if youre interested in some early morning orchestra.

* Every year, several food eating champions visit the Mustard Day celebrations. Do not forget getting your souvenirs signed!

* There are exclusive mustard recipes to try every year, with new and returning ones. Keep your taste buds going throughout the day!

* The weather is going to be generally warm, but dont worry, there’s going to be a huge supply of drinks. Keep yourself hydrated.

* Don’t bring ketchup to this event. The crowd will boo you out of the place!

* Buy stuff from the nearby shops. They are usually very welcoming and will be looking forward to greeting you.

* Last but not least, support the museum itself. Purchase stuff, participate in activities and well, in short, do everything!

Since National Mustard Day is technically a street festival, most of the participants will be working outdoors in various tents, hosting games for a few bucks each, selling souvenirs & cold drinks, grilling and serving hot dogs and lots more! You can choose what you would like to be on this day.

Tired from a long office week and want to chill out and consume hotdogs endlessly? No problem, you can just be a regular visitor and still enjoy everything that is going on. However, this day openly welcomes all sorts of volunteers with different skills to contribute in whichever ways they can.

You could help serve mustard samples or assist guest vendors. From fun jobs like pushing a cart around to give drinks and refreshments to other workers to distributing official themed shirts, there’s tons of different ways you can make the most of your day.

Volunteers receive a free Mustard Day t-shirt as soon as they check-in. You will also get a wristband which is actually your coupon for a complimentary hot dog and drink meal!

Mustard Day Celebrations outside the US

If mustard is your favorite condiment, you can celebrate it regardless of where you are in the world.
Call some friends over and get a live hot dog party going.

1) Live Hot Dogs

Things you would need:

*BBQ grill
*Fresh hot dog buns
*Different Mustards
*Toppings of choice

Things you wont need:


There’s no rocket science to making a delicious hot dog! Just grill your sausages and then toast the buns on the same grill. Finally, add mustard and toppings of choice(again, without ketchup). Experiment around by mixing up different mustards and toppings to make your day as mustardy as possible!

2) Eatery of choice

If you’re too tired to host or join a party, just go to your favorite restaurant and have anything mustard. Remember, to truly celebrate the day, you have to try and have every food or dish that contains mustard.

3) Mustard Outfit

One of the best ways of celebrating any day is by joining in on the theme. Wear a mustard themed dress to show everyone around you how much these heavenly sauce means to you on this day!

4) Donate

In the midst of all the celebrations, it is always classy to keep the poor and the needy in mind. One of the best ways of any sort celebration is to give a portion of your enjoyment or your comfort back to the society. And what better way to do that than supporting your local charities and support groups?

Most asked questions about National Mustard Day



Why is National Mustard Day celebrated?

Mustard is known as the King of condiments in the United States. National Mustard Day is celebrated to honor America’s favorite condiment ‘The Mustard’ in a street food style festival. Moreover, the day runs awareness campaigns for charity and cancer research.

Where is National Mustard Day celebrated?

The official Mustard Day celebrations take place in Middleton, Wisconsin, United States.

Mustard as in Mustard sauce?

Mustard in National Mustard Day indeed refers to Mustard Sauce, America’s favorite condiment.

Can we celebrated National Mustard Day outside the US?

Yes, National Mustard Day can be celebrated anywhere in the world, as long as you have Mustard with you.

Does National Mustard Day raise money for charity?

Every year, around 6000 enthusiastic Mustard lovers participate in a street-style event that raises thousands of Dollars for charity and cancer research.


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