World Naked Gardening Day

May 1 World Naked Gardening Day

The World Naked Gardening Day is an international event celebrated every first Saturday of May each year. Both gardeners and non-gardeners from all over the world celebrate this special day. They take this day as an opportunity to be one with nature.World Naked Gardening Day People get naked, either by themselves or with other people, and then do gardening activities like tilling the soil, planting seeds, harvesting crops and flowers, and more.

About the World Naked Gardening Day

During this day, people all over the world celebrate by simply doing naked gardening. People who are shy or who want to keep things private celebrate alone by being naked in their own garden. Other people celebrate with their friends and family. But everyone should take note that respect is still a priority in celebrating this day. If people think that their neighbors will not appreciate them getting naked while gardening, then they won’t do it. Or perhaps they will do so but by covering their garden so that other people won’t see them.


This event was created by Jacob Gabriel and Mike Storey in their Body Freedom Collaborative Project. The celebration was introduced in Nude and Neutral in 2005. When the idea was introduced to the public, the event quickly gathered a lot of followers, especially nudists all over the world. The first time this unofficial holiday was celebrated was on September 10, 2005. Two years later in 2007, the celebration was moved to the first Saturday of May, which is springtime and the best time to nurture plants.


As mentioned earlier the World Naked Gardening Day is celebrated every first Saturday of May each year. The dates of the celebration are as follows:

  • Saturday, May 4,
  • Saturday, May 2,
  • Saturday, May 1, 2023

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should participate in the celebration of the World Naked Gardening Day:

To Celebrate Nudity

The first reason why you should celebrate this unofficial holiday is that it will be your opportune time to celebrate nudity. There is nothing wrong with being naked and caring for your plants in your garden during this day. Just make sure that if you become nude, you still respect your neighbors and they will not be offended with what you are doing.

To Nurture Your Plants in a Unique Way

Another good reason to celebrate this day is that by doing so you are nurturing your plants in a unique way. Daily gardening with your full clothes and boots on is just too mainstream. You can perhaps allow even just one day when you do gardening without wearing any clothes on. That way, you will be able to do a new way of tending to your plants.

To Enjoy a Different Kind of Celebration

Each year, we celebrate many kinds of holidays. Some are too enjoyable but at the same, also too normal. Aren’t you looking for a different kind of celebration and adventure. If so, then celebrating the World Naked Gardening Day will give you that.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the World Naked Gardening Day as best as it can be:

Do Naked Gardening by Yourself

Obviously, the best way to celebrate this day is to do naked gardening. You can do that by yourself if you do not want other people to see you naked. All you have to do is to prepare the gardening materials that you need for tending to your plants. Do not wear anything at all even your underwear. Then go to your garden and take care of your plants just like what you would do in a normal day. Just don’t forget your safety. Do wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Conduct Naked Gardening with Your Friends or Family

If you want a more socialized kind of celebration during this day, then you can instead invite your friends or family to celebrate this day with you. But make sure that there would be no awkwardness when you see each other naked. There may be laughter but the purpose of this celebration is being one with nature. So inform them about that.

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