National African American Parent Involvement Day

National African American Parent Involvement Day 2023: Celebrating Unity and Academic Growth

On February 13, 2023, the nation paused to recognize an event of profound significance: National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID). Rooted in the belief that parents play an indispensable role in the academic success of their children, NAAPID stands as a testament to the strength and unity of African American communities across the nation.african-american, man, woman-1386235.jpg

Origins and Significance

The inception of NAAPID can be traced back to Dr. Joe Dulin, a visionary principal who recognized the need for a dedicated event to encourage African American parents to engage actively in their children’s academic lives. This day isn’t just a momentary pause in our calendar; it’s a powerful call to action, emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between home and school environments.

By acknowledging and celebrating the influence of parents, NAAPID fosters a community-driven approach to education. This ethos holds that when parents, educators, and community members unite with a shared purpose, children thrive both academically and personally.

NAAPID 2023: A Focus on Community Collaboration

This year, NAAPID’s themes revolve around collaboration, unity, and future-building. Across various cities, including the vibrant City of Champaign, communities came together in unique and impactful ways:

  • School Open Days: Schools threw open their doors for parents to step in, engage with educators, and get a first-hand view of their children’s learning environments.
  • Interactive Workshops: These sessions emphasized skill-building for parents, providing them with tools and resources to support their children’s academic journey.
  • Cultural Celebrations: Embracing the rich heritage and history of African Americans, events showcased traditional music, dance, and art, connecting younger generations to their roots.
  • Panel Discussions: Educators, parents, and students came together in dialogues to discuss challenges, share success stories, and chart a future course for academic achievement.


NAAPID is an annual event, celebrated on the second Monday of February, coinciding with Black History Month in the United States.


NAAPID highlights the critical role that parental involvement plays in a child’s education. Studies have shown that students with involved parents are more likely to succeed academically.

The day addresses disparities in education and seeks to ensure that African American students receive equal opportunities and support.

By fostering a stronger bond between schools and African American families, NAAPID aims to create a more inclusive and understanding educational environment.

The Way Forward

While NAAPID serves as a dedicated day to emphasize parental involvement, its message resonates throughout the year. The City of Champaign and countless communities nationwide are testament to the transformative power of engaged parenting. As the journey of academic excellence continues, the collective efforts of parents, educators, and community members will undoubtedly shape brighter futures for our children.

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