National Cellophane Tape Day

National Cellophane Tape Day is celebrated on May 27 of each year. This day is a fun way to celebrate one of the most useful inventions ever made – cellophane tape!

Cellophane tape was first created in 1930 by Swiss chemist Jacques Brandenberger. He was trying to find a way to create a clear, strong, and waterproof material that could be used for packaging. After several failed attempts, he finally created cellophane tape and patented it in 1931.

Since then, cellophane tape has been used for everything from sealing envelopes to holding down carpeting. It’s even been used in surgery!

So how will you celebrate National Cellophane Tape Day? Maybe you’ll use cellophane tape to make a fun craft project. Or maybe you’ll just use it to seal up a few envelopes. Whatever you do, make sure to celebrate this amazing invention!

History of National Cellophane Tape Day

National Cellophane Tape Day was created by 3M in 2006. 3M is the company that manufactures cellophane tape, so it’s no surprise that they would create a day to celebrate their product!

Since its creation, National Cellophane Tape Day has been celebrated all over the world. People use this day to share fun cellophane tape facts, craft ideas, and more.

So whether you’re a fan of cellophane tape or not, make sure to celebrate National Cellophane Tape Day on May 27!

How to celebrate National Cellophane Tape Day

There are lots of ways to celebrate National Cellophane Tape Day! Here are a few ideas:

Share fun facts about cellophane tape on social media.

Post pictures of your favorite cellophane tape projects.

Make a new project using cellophane tape.

Share your favorite tips for using cellophane tape.

Whatever you do, make sure to have fun and celebrate this amazing invention!

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