National Christmas Lights Day

Honoring Christmas Lights and Getting Lights Ready for Christmas on "National Christmas Lights Day" observed next on December 1

In the United States, Christmas lights traditionally go up on December 1st, the day after Thanksgiving. National Christmas Lights Day celebrates this time-honored holiday tradition. On this day, families and friends come together to string lights on their homes and yards. Many people also use this day as an opportunity to decorate their Christmas trees. As the sun sets, the lights come on, creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere. National Christmas Lights Day is a cherished tradition for many Americans, and it is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

The month of Christmas is finally here and what better way to jump on the Christmas celebratory bandwagon by decorating your surroundings with beautiful Christmas lights on December 1 National Christmas Lights Day?

About National Christmas Lights Day

Celebrated every year on December 1, the National Christmas Lights Day is all about honoring Christmas lights that were first invented in the 1880s and also about encouraging people to put up or organize Christmas lights inside and outside their houses.

National Christmas Lights Day December 1

On this fun holiday, people all across the globe (especially Christians) – drive the neighborhood to purchase new lights for Christmas and then use these beautiful Christmas lights to deck the halls, decorate the trees, and brighten up the buildings.

History of National Christmas Lights Day

The first use of Christmas light was recorded on December 22, 1882, when Edward H. Johnson, a close friend of Thomas Edison (an American inventor who invented the first practical incandescent light bulb) decorated his Christmas tree with 80 incandescent light bulbs at his home in New York City.

Before this time, people used candles to illuminate Christmas trees. They would balance candles on the branches of their Christmas trees—an unsafe practice that led to several house fires.

Although it was in 1882 when the first Christmas lights were used by Thomas Edison, it still took several decades before electric lights became popular among the masses and became the main way Christmas trees were lit

The American White House first used the electric Christmas tree in 1895. By the mid 20th century, a few electric Christmas trees were spotted on prominent public spots, however, even at that time this wasn’t done on a large scale as most of the people couldn’t afford Christmas lights or the electric Christmas trees.

It was in the 1960s when Christmas lights became popular with people of all classes, there was large-scale production of Christmas lights, and electric Christmas trees began appearing on public buildings and along streets, and the exteriors of homes began being decorated by owners on a large scale.

Christmas Lights Day: Celebration Ideas & Activities

Have a look at the best celebration ideas and activities to observe National Christmas Lights Day on December 1st.

Purchase New Christmas Lights

Jump in the car and drive to the Dollar Store to purchase Christmas Lights on the cheap, or go over the top with special Christmas lights from high-end stores and give your surrounding a magnificent look.

Put Up Christmas Lights

Celebrate Christmas Lights Day by putting up Christmas lights on trees in your yard or inside/outside your house. You can also program your light display to synchronize with music and let your Christmas lights flash to the beat of your favorite songs.

Drive The Neighborhood To Look At Lights

It’s an inexpensive outdoor recreation to have with your partner or family. Enjoy the beautiful sights of the towns and buildings – decorated with Christmas lights. You may also sit on a roadside bench, sip up a hot cup of java in the chilly weather, and absorb in the stunning views of the surroundings all lit up for the holiday season.

Plan Something Special With Your Neighbors

If you want to put on a major scene with your neighbors, you can work together on a particular lights-decoration plan together. Regardless of whether it’s a rehashed theme or an extended scene, this is an incredible method to practice your imagination and make some extraordinary memories with your neighbors. What’s more, as a little something extra, you may wind up turning into a web sensation or end up going viral with every passer-by appreciating the decoration, taking pics of the place, and uploading it on social media!

General Safety & Energy Saving Tips

While lighting your home as you doing  wedding lighting is an incredible method to show your vacation cheer, there are a couple of tips you should remember for general safety and energy saving:

  • While you can keep your Christmas lights on throughout the night, it’s ideal to unplug them before you go to sleep or put them on a timer so you can spare some electricity overnight.
  • Christmas decorations are fun for youngsters and by-passers yet be cautious where you set them up. Take care not to set up your lights where it could be obstructing the street or irritating the neighbors.
  • Try using LED lights, they utilize 80% less electricity than typical lights, are longer-lasting, and remain cooler than traditional bulbs. In case you’re stressed over your electricity bill consider using solar-powered lights.
The Christmas lights are typically turned on in early December. However, the specific date varies from year to year and is not announced until closer to the time.

On 17 November, Mount Street will turn on its 63,000 energy-efficient sparkling lights at 6.30pm.


The biggest Christmas light show in the United States is at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Rio’s massive light display features over 2 million lights and takes up more than 35,000 square feet of holiday cheer. Best of all, it’s free to see! So if you’re looking for a breathtaking Christmas light show this year, be sure to add the Rio to your list.


National Christmas Lights Day Dates

 December 1Sunday
 December 1Tuesday
 December 1Wednesday
2022December 1Thursday
2023December 1Friday

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