National Concha Day

National Concha Day is observed on December 8 every year to commemorate the creation of the concha, the shell that forms the upper part of a clam. The event takes place in Portland, Oregon and celebrates the ingenuity of local craftsmen who created this iconic piece of Americana.

What is National Concha Day?

National Concha Day is celebrated on the last Friday of May to commemorate the founding of the town of National Conchas, New Mexico in 1902. The community was named for the conch shells collected by early settlers.

Why Is National Concha Day Important?

National concha day is important because it celebrates the history and culture of the conch. The conch is a type of shellfish that can be found all over the world and is used in many different ways. It is also a symbol of the United States and has been featured in many different symbols and logos.

How to Celebrate National Concha Day

National Concha Day is celebrated every year on December 8. This day commemorates the invention of the concha, which is a type of trumpet. The concha is often used in Mexican music and other Latin American music styles.
This day is also a national holiday in Mexico.

To celebrate National Concha Day, try some of these fun activities:

-Listen to Mexican music and dance to rhythms from across the border.
Many restaurants and nightclubs in Mexico offer discounted admission for National Concha Day.

-Take a trip to Mexico City and visit the Zocalo (Mexico’s central square). This area has been a center of culture and politics since the 16th century. In colonial times, it was the heart of the city’s mercantile district. Today, it’s home to many popular tourist attractions, including the Palace of Fine Arts, the Templo Mayor (the largest pyramid in Latin America), and other historic sites.

-Play conchas (a type of Spanish drum) or maracas at a local party or event. These instruments are often used in traditional Mexican dances such as the tarantella and son Jar


The National Concha Day is an annual event held on the second Saturday in May. The day commemorates the opening of the U.S. embassy in Cuba on May 20, 1902, and celebrates American-Cuban friendship and cooperation.Events are held throughout the country to celebrate Cuban culture, cuisine, music and art.

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