National Corn on the Cob Day

National Corn on the Cob Day - June 11

National Corn on the Cob Day happens every 11th of June each year. This day is dedicated to the very sweet and delicious corns that we eat on a stick. Corn on a cob may be created by roasting, boiling, steaming, or grilling corn. It is a very popular snack for various people all over the world. It becomes even more delicious when it is given with butter or margarine.

National Corn on the Cob Day

National Corn On the Cob Day

Each year on June 11 is the National Corn on the Cob Day. Corn on the cob is actually a popular summertime treat for people in all corners of the USA. People here especially look forward to the picnic season where they can make lots of corns on the cob. But aside from the USA, various countries all over the world also love to eat this delicious treat. It is known in other countries as sweet pole, pole corn, corn stick, butter pop, or even long maize. This sweet corn is the kind that is picked when the kernels are still in them ilk stage and are tender.

The most common ways of preparing corn on the cob is by grilling, roasting, boiling, or steaming. But when the corn is oven roasted or grilled, it is usually left with the husk for the entire cooking process. People eat this by holding the cob at each end with their fingers.

History of National Corn on the Cob Day

The history of the Corn on the Cob Day can be traced back to the period before the European Settlers came to America. It was this time when corn became popular among the people and became a staple dish to various countries all over the world. Corn also has a lot of by products that are used in different ways. In addition, corn can be transformed into different products which are usually eaten by the people. For instance, there are high fructose corn syrups found in hotcake syrups, candies, and carbonated drinks.

Corn on the cob has many varieties. Aside from being different in terms of how the corn is cooked, corn on the cobs can also differ in terms of the kind of corn used as well as the methods of preparation. Different combinations bring out different flavors and tastes. The holiday gives you an opportunity to gorge yourself out on eating these different varieties and indulge in these sweet and delicious treats.

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When is the National Corn on the Cob Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on the 11th of June each year.

National Corn on the Cob Day Celebrations

Corn Cob Day

Why Celebrate the National Corn on the Cob Day?

The following are the reasons why you should participate in the celebration of this special holiday for everyone:

There Are Many Flavors and Tastes

The usual flavorings for corn on the cob are butter and salt. Most people get contented with this and have eaten corn on the cob this way. But some people prefer adding more flavors such as miso butter and chili flakes. If you are in the mood for a more unique corn-on-the-cob flavor, you can also try adding coconut and curry mayo. For those people who prefer crispy corn on the cob, they can try out batter-fried corn. The flavors and variety of corn on the cob is just so wide. Hence, the holiday gives a reason for you to try out these different varieties and eat as much as you want.

Corn is a Very Versatile Food

Activities involved in this holiday are not limited to corn on the cobs. There are also other foods related to corn that are also served for this holiday. For instance, there are popcorns, cornbread, pudding corn, corn soup, and corn tortilla served during this day. It is a good idea to eat these various corn foods along with corn on the cob during this special day of celebration.

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You Can Take the Opportunity to Socialize with Your Friends and Family

This is a special holiday worth celebrating. It gives you an excuse to throw a party where you can invite your friends and family for a party where you grill some corn on the cobs. You can then all enjoy socializing with each other as you indulge yourselves in this spectacular easy-made dish.

How to Celebrate the National Corn on the Cob Day?

The following are the staple activities conducted during the holiday:

Participate or Watch a Parade

It might sound odd to you but there is actually a parade held for the National Corn on the Cob Day. Such parade is held in Plainview Minnesota and you can watch the performance of street dancers, soapbox derby, and talent shows.

Share Your Celebration on Social Media

This celebration is worth sharing on social media. You can upload photos of you grilling or eating corn on the cobs. You can join the worldwide celebration by using the hashtag #NationalCornOnTheCobDay.

Eat Corn on the Cob That You Made or You Purchased

The best part of the celebration of this holiday is being able to lots of varieties of corn on the cob. You can either make one for yourself. Or you can just eat out in a fancy restaurant that serves good corns on the cob for this day.

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