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Celebrating National Days in January, 2023: A Guide to Starting the New Year with Purpose

January is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and setting intentions for the year ahead. One way to kick off the New Year with purpose is by celebrating the national days that take place throughout the month. From National Science Fiction Day to National Hugging Day, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate the things that make life interesting and fun. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the national days in January, 2023, and offer ideas for how you can celebrate with intention and meaning.

  1. National Science Fiction Day (January 2nd)
  2. National Trivia Day (January 4th)
  3. National Bobblehead Day (January 7th)
  4. National Clean Off Your Desk Day (January 9th)
  5. National Hot Toddy Day (January 11th)
  6. National Vision Board Day (January 13th)
  7. National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14th)
  8. National Use Your Gift Card Day (January 17th)
  9. National Popcorn Day (January 19th)
  10. National Hugging Day (January 21st)
  11. National Pie Day (January 23rd)
  12. National Puzzle Day (January 29th)


  1. What is the significance of celebrating national days?

  • National days provide an opportunity to celebrate and honor the things that bring us joy and meaning in life. They also offer a chance to connect with others who share our interests and passions.
  1. Are national days only celebrated in the United States?

  • National days are primarily celebrated in the United States, but many have also gained international recognition and are celebrated in other countries as well.
  1. Can I create my own national day?

  • While it is possible to create your own national day, it typically requires a significant amount of effort and resources to gain recognition and awareness.


National days in January, 2023 provide an opportunity to start the New Year with purpose and intention. Whether you’re a sci-fi enthusiast, a trivia buff, or a lover of pets and pies, there’s a national day for everyone to enjoy. By celebrating these special days with creativity and intention, we can connect with others and find joy in the things that matter most to us.

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