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National Decorating Month

Paint & Decorating Retailers Association was founded in order to initiate National Decorating Month every year. Its mission is to support independent retailers in the paint & decorating industry by providing them with education, marketing, and support. PDRA provides retailers with tools so that they can provide their customers with the best resources and advice.

If you have an eye for fashion, decorating can be a fun, exciting experience. No matter what style you choose, decorating has endless possibilities.

Nevertheless, who has the time to decorate in today’s busy world? That’s why National Decorating Month exists. During National Decorating Month, interior designers can showcase their skills and help others create beautiful homes.

 The month of April is National Decorating Month, so brighten up your home! Adding a new coat of paint, stylish fabrics, and furniture can give an old space a new look and make it look brand new.

Just a few strategically placed items can accomplish so much. It is always satisfying to achieve a beautiful new space, whether it is with a decorator’s trained eye or a natural sense of color and space.


1968 was the first National Decorating Month. Paint & Wallpaper Association of America, National Decorating Products Association, and House and Garden Magazine sponsor the event.

People who participate in National Decorating Month get a chance to paint their walls, rearrange their living rooms, and refresh their old furniture during the month.

Interior designers will be available throughout the month to help people decorate their homes. There is nothing better than creating the ideal vision of your dream home right in your own home. In addition to exploring new ideas via Pinterest, people also do DIY crafts and change up their lives throughout the month.

This is an opportunity for people with an eye for art and design to create something beautiful for their homes. The National Decorating Month makes it possible for creative juices to flow, and the dream of decorating a home can become a reality.

The Best Ways to Celebrate National Decorating Month

Organize a painting club. With painting, you can create beautiful, handmade artwork in your own home, which you and your friends can customize. Get a decorating opinion from a professional. You can change the color of your walls, buy new furniture, or paint your walls a different color by watching some home improvement TV.

Rather than shopping, reorganize your rooms so they’re easier to move around in and cleaner. Organize and clean a friend’s house and help them buy new items for their home. Taking care of your home is an important part of National Decorating Month, so why not do it?


National Decorating Month is taking place this month, so hopefully, this post will give you some ideas on how to update your home. It may seem expensive to decorate, but it isn’t. DIY items or cheaper items can be used to decorate your interior or exterior.