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National Digital Conference

16th National Digital Conference | ND19 Smart Places | Sunday, 20 June 2021

The National Digital Conference 2021 brings together the members of the Digital Leaders community in order for them to lead the way towards developing and creating the smartest places in the United Kingdom. Keynotes will be given by ministers, startups, and big businesses. There will also be an active exhibition that gives a chance for people to interact together. There will also be presentations on innovations, inspirational programs, and lots of networking. All this will happen on June 20, 2021, at the Congress Centre in central London.

What is the National Digital Conference?

This event is the center portion of a 5-day discussion and debate about Digital Transformation across the UK. In 2018, this event was participated in by about 13,500 digital leaders, policymakers, politicians, inspirational speakers, and innovators. They debated key issues on the field and also brainstormed about the key actions needed to be taken.

This conference is the best place to share ideas, best practices, and learn from expert speakers. There are various inputs from different people of different expertise. Speakers are always ensured to be balanced and diverse.

History of the National Digital Conference

The conference will have several themes all of which point towards the innovation of the cities and urban communities of the UK. Specific areas of transformation include IoT

This event was founded originally during the Digital Inclusion Agenda in 2006. The National Digital Conference was always able to cover the hottest agendas each year and as a result of that, it has covered a wide range of topics in the past thirteen years.

Various influential leaders and experts have already participated and gave their speeches in this gathering. Some of them include 2 prime ministers, 23 government ministers, the Digital Minister, the Digital champion, academics, political advisers, organizational leaders, CEOS of digital businesses from Microsoft and Google, and many more.

Such an event was also ensured to be as accessible to people as possible. It is already free to attend from 2009 onwards. It is also one of the first conferences to be regularly broadcasted live during the day and free to be watched on the internet. It is also one of the first programs to have a live stenography for people who watch online. It also has its own conference app.

When is the National Digital Conference 2021?

The National Digital Conference 2021 will be held on June 20, 2021. It will be an event full of information sharing and networking all for the advancement of the digital industry in the United Kingdom.

Themes of the Conference

, data, 5G, infrastructure, security, geospatial data, skills, and AI. The three sessions focus on how the conference can come up with ideas that will make cities and urban places in the UK a batter place to live. The three sessions of the conference are:

Smart Living

The smart living session covers how the urban areas and cities in the UK can be developed more in terms of public services, infrastructure, data, and blue light services in order to make smarter decisions. It is all about living smartly and making the aforementioned areas a better place for everyone. This session covers all technological advancements and developments that can possibly be adapted so that people will be able to live smartly and in a very convenient way.

Smart Work

This session considers and thinks about the connectivity, work-space, infrastructure, transport, and access to skills which are needed in order to drive the digital city economies. This is all about discovering and planning which technologies to adapt in order to make the citizens more productive at work thereby boosting the economy capacity of all citizens involved. With smart technology, smart people can be nurtured, and so smart work can be done.

Smart Play

This session examines how the communities in the UK can live, play, and enjoy the city together while minimizing the harmful impacts on the environment and developing digital places that are enjoyable to visit. One issue with technological advancement is that the safety of the environment may be at a cost. Hence, this session explores how technological advancements can be made so that the environment will not be harmed in any way possible. Or perhaps damage can be afflicted but they might be compensated or reversed.

National Digital Conference 2021 Speakers

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