National Donut day

Friday, 7 June National Doughnut Day 2019 in United States

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy donuts, and that’s the kind of the same thing.”

Who doesn’t love Doughnut? I do, and I am sure you guys also love eating donuts all the time. You can eat it at lunch breakfast, dinner or if you are having midnight cravings, then donuts are just right for you. I have been eating donuts for so long but never knew there was a Doughnut day also that is celebrated in the United States every year. Where all the donut’s shop give free donuts to its customers, could you believe it? Me neither. But this is happening 1938.National Doughnut Day


What comes to your mind, when you first thing about something sweet. For me, it has always been a donut. I like the way it has made, the ring shape and the way it’s fried, all that are filling inside and chocolate topping on the outside with Donut on it makes it irresistible. That is the effect of a donut; it makes you want it more and more. Now coming to the point, national donut day is not celebrated for free donuts, but it is celebrated in the memory of those members of Salvation Army of Chicago, who gave donuts to the soldiers during World War 1.

Since National donut day,  is not very far, so gear up and get ready for the sweetest celebration of this year.

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National Doughnut Day History

It started as a fundraiser for the salvation army of Chicago. The idea to provide help to those who are suffering from depression and in the memory of members who gave donuts to the soldiers in World War 1.

  • National Donut Day

Salvation Army after a survey mission to France discovered that the enlisted men of US need could be met by providing them with baked goods, stamps, stationery, etc. through canteens, which was termed as a hut. There was 6 staff member in a hut out of which 4 were female volunteers, to serve the soldiers and they were called donut girls. These huts were a huge hit among the soldiers. These huts were made near the training centers. Soldiers used to feel all cheered up after getting the VIP treatment.

Even in World War 2, the volunteers of Red Cross distributed donuts among the soldiers, and they were then called as donut dollies.

This day was celebrated to raise awareness about how war affects the people of a country and how the soldiers work day and night to save their country.

You would be surprised to know that there are 3 more donut days, whose origin is still not known. There is Jelly-filled Donut day, National cream filled donut day and National Boston Cream Pie Day, and they are celebrated on June 8, September 14 and 30 October respectively.

Doughnut Day

Types of Donuts:

Let me share a few types of donuts, which are available with different names around the world.

  • In Argentina, it is called kreppel.
  • In Brazil, it is called Sonho.
  • In Chile, it is called Berlin.
  • In Finland, it’s called munkki.
  • In France, it’s called beignets.
  • In Hawaii, it’s called Malasada.
  • In Greece, It’s called Kleinur.
  • In Libya, it’s called sfinz.
  • In Madagascar, it’s called Mofo Boule.
  • In Morocco, it’s called Sfenj.
  • In Nigeria, it is called Chin Chin.
  • In Scotland, it called Doughrings.

So, this national doughnut day is a good chance to try all the different recipes of doughnut

What is to love about national donut day:

  • I think the doughnut is a great way to lift someone’s mood and it is a great way to celebrate your happiness.
  • If you are on a diet and so exhausted of your same boring routine, then this is your chance to take a day off and satisfy your craving, as cheat day once in a while will not ruin your hard work.
  • Just for the old times’ sake, you can have a doughnut to keep your inner child alive.

Deals for last year’s National Donut Day:

  • Krispy Kreme, which is famous for its yummy donuts, gave away 50,000 donuts. So do not forget to grab them on your way home.
  • Dunkin Donuts, our very own and most favorite gave away free donut if you purchase a drink.
  • Papa John’s that’s famous for its pizza is also offering free donuts, with the online purchase of pizza
  • Winn-Dixie offered donuts at half the price.
  • Burger King launched its Whopper Donut and claimed it to be a grilled donut.
  • Bi-Lo charged half price for the donuts.
  • Duck Donuts offered free donuts to its customers.
  • Wal-Mart, the biggest supermarket gave away free donuts to its customers around the world.

National Donut Day Facts:

National Donut day

  • According to a survey by Statista of 29000 Americans, 61% of them eat donuts.
  • There are almost 8000, 1000 and 800 shops for Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Tim Horton’s in the US.
  • There is a Guinness world record by Philip Joseph Santoro of eating a jam donut quickly, without hands or licking the donut from lips and he did it in 11.41 seconds.
  • Krispy Kreme based in the UK made the most expensive donut in 2014, by filling it with Dom Perignon jelly with an icing of passion fruit glaze. The donut was on top of a handmade lotus flower made from Belgium chocolate and topping of 24-karat gold leaf and diamonds both edible. The cost was 1000 pounds.
  • According to theories, Donuts are an American, British and Dutch creation.
  • The famous author, Washington Irwin was the first person to explain donut in print.
  • According to stats, approximately 10 billion donuts are made in the US every year.
  • Spudnuts was the first one to make donuts from mashed potatoes and potato starch.
  • In Boston, they have one donut shop for every 2480 people.
  • An actress Renee Zellweger used to eat 20 donuts daily, to gain weight for a rule.
  • Donuts were titled as “Hit food of the Century of Progress” in 1933, at Chicago’s world fair.
  • Previously, donuts were called as Olykoeks means oily cakes by Dutch.
  • If you are a diet conscious person, then this fact is for you. That raspberry jam filled donut of Krispy Kreme that you love 300 calories, and the donut with chocolate topping has 350 calories.
  • By adding a donut in your diet, you can gain one pound after every ten
  • Jelly donuts are supposed to be lucky If you eat them on New Year’s Eve according to Americans.
  • According to research, the hole in the donut represents the condition of the economy, means if the whole is bigger than the economy is in worse condition.

How to celebrate National Donut Day :

National Donut Day will be celebrated on 1 of June, making the summer enjoyable for people having a sweet tooth like me. Just like every year, this year also many shops are going to give away a free donut to its customer on the special occasion.

What you can do to is you can bring some donuts to the office and offer them to your colleagues and make their day and buy different types of donuts. You can also cook dinner for your family, order some donuts or even make them at home and give special treatment to your family. Or you can have a party at home by calling all your friends over and enjoy together by having lots of donuts.

You can visit your nearest doughnut store on this day , to avail the discounts and offers. You can volunteer at the Salvation Army, and for different doughnut recipes, you can watch doughnut shutdown, and try different types of donuts with different icings and fillings.

National Donut day parade

IF you have a friend that you want to reunite with, but looking for an occasion then this national donut day 2019 is your chance to patch up with them, bring donuts and cakes for them and give them a surprise and we know it is hard to say no to a doughnut. Surprise you’re loved by making donuts for them.

Since it is a holiday, then you can go out with your family and friends and have fun by eating donuts with a cup of coffee, as its winters. This is going to be the best combo.

But when we are celebrating national doughnut day , we must not forget why it was celebrated and keeping that in mind, spend some time with the soldiers and offer them donuts. It is our chance to let them know that we have not forgotten their sacrifices and we are alive and happy with our families because of their efforts. Also, help the Salvation Army with the fundraiser and if you can also donate, then donate some money for the poor and needy.  In the end, I would like to say;

“New Mysteries, New day, Fresh donuts.“

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