National French Fry Day

13 July National French Fries Day

The  National French Fry Day is an annual celebration held on the 13th of July  held on the 13th of July each year. It is an unofficial holiday wherein people celebrate the tasty and deep fried potato treat that they can eat alone or be paired with burgers. French fries have become staple snacks for people from different parts of the world. Hence, a lot of people participate in celebrating this event. Let us learn more about the day down below.

National French Fry Day

What is National French Fry Day?

During this day, people enjoy eating the many variety of French fries. French fries are also known as finger chips, French-fried potatoes, fries, or chips. They are batons of deep fried potatoes. They are common foods served at restaurants that both kids and adults love to eat. During this day, people can eat French fries with a wide selection of condiments such as ranch dressing, mayonnaise, vinegar, ketchup, cheese, honey mustard, and many more.

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A healthier alternative that people use to make French fries are sweet potatoes. Other varieties of French fries include baked fries, curled fries, waffle fries, and crinkle fries.

History of National French Fry Day

Many people think that just because French Fries are called as such, they originated from France. But that is actually not the case. In fact, they originated from Belgium. During the late 17th century, many Belgian villagers got this idea of slicing up potatoes and then frying them up in the same way that they fry fish. And that was when French fries were born.

During the first World Wat, American Soldiers who stayed in Belgium were introduced by these tasty fried potatoes for the first time. And because Belgium’s official language was French, the American soldiers began to call these fried potatoes as French Fries. Hence, the origin of the name.

Nowadays, people all over the world enjoy eating French Fries. For instance, in the USA, they often serve fries with hot dogs, cheeseburgers, or other kinds of foods. They often cover these fries in various condiments such as chili and cheese.

In the United Kingdom, they serve French Fries with chips and fish. In Canada, they cover French Fries with brown gravy and cheese curds, which they usually call poutine. In the Middle East, people wrap French Fries with pita shell containing chicken. There are many more countries that have their own varieties of French Fries. You can see the variety and how various people all over the world enjoy eating such staple food.

When is National French Fry Day?

The National French Fry Day is always celebrated on the 13th of July each year. This means that this year, the event will be celebrated on July 13,

Celebrating National French Fry Day

Just like how there is a lot of variety of French fries available, so is the way of celebrating this special day. let us now go through the different ways people celebrate this day.

Enjoy Your Very Own Cooked French Fries

You can celebrate the day by cooking your very own French fries. It is actually not very complicated. In fact, it is so simple to cook French fries. All you need to do is to fry them and wait until they become crispy or in the texture that you want them to be. Perhaps you will face more of a challenge in how to properly cut your French fries and also how to make the best condiment for your fries. If you find it difficult to do so, then you can search some tutorials online on how to make the best condiments for fries.

Go to an Authentic French Fry Restaurant

If you do not want to encounter the hassle of cooking your own French fries during this day, then you can just go to an authentic restaurant that serve the best French fries in town. You can even make your friends or family join you when you dine in. alternatively, you can just visit a kiosk that serve good French fries. You can either eat the fries there or bring them home and then eat the while you watch a move or something.