National Graduation Tassel Day

The Historical Background of National Graduation Tassel Day

Graduation ceremonies, known as commencement exercises, have been a tradition since the 12th century when the first universities were established. The tradition of wearing a cap and gown, also known as academic dress, can be traced back to these early ceremonies. The tassel, an integral part of the graduation cap or “mortarboard,” has become a symbolic element representing the achievement of the graduate. National Graduation Tassel Day, celebrated on May 17, is a day to honor this symbol and the accomplishments it represents.National Graduation Tassel Day

Significance of National Graduation Tassel Day

National Graduation Tassel Day is an important celebration that recognizes the efforts and dedication of students who have successfully completed their academic journeys. The moving of the tassel from the right side of the cap to the left signifies the graduate’s transition from candidate to graduate, a momentous occasion worthy of its own day of recognition.

Timeline: Notable Events in Graduation History

  • 12th Century: The first universities are established, beginning the tradition of commencement ceremonies.
  • 14th Century: Caps and gowns, or academic dress, become common attire for scholars, and over time, different elements like the tassel are added.
  • Late 19th Century: The tassel is introduced as a part of the graduation cap, initially to distinguish graduates from different fields of study.
  • May 17, Annually: National Graduation Tassel Day is celebrated, honoring the achievements of graduates everywhere.

FAQs: Insights into National Graduation Tassel Day

Q: What does the tassel on a graduation cap represent? A: The tassel on a graduation cap symbolizes the graduate’s academic achievement. The act of moving the tassel from the right to the left during the ceremony signifies the transition from candidate to graduate.

Q: How can I participate in National Graduation Tassel Day? A: You can participate by honoring a graduate in your life, sharing a memory of your own graduation on social media, or even hosting a graduation-themed event.

Appreciating National Graduation Tassel Day

National Graduation Tassel Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the significance of educational achievement. This day invites everyone to reflect on their own academic journey, celebrate the accomplishments of others, and appreciate the value of education in personal growth and societal advancement.

Fascinating Facts about Graduation Tassels

  1. The color of the tassel often represents the graduate’s field of study.
  2. In most schools, the tassel is moved from the right to the left side of the cap during the graduation ceremony, indicating the student’s transition from candidate to graduate.
  3. Some universities use different colored tassels to distinguish undergraduate and graduate students.

By understanding and appreciating the historical significance of the graduation tassel and the hard work it symbolizes, we can more fully appreciate the importance of National Graduation Tassel Day. So, on May 17, take a moment to honor the achievements of graduates everywhere. After all, they’ve earned it!

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