National Ice Cream Month

July is just right around the corner. Each year during this month, we celebrate the National Ice Cream month. It is a month full of celebration by eating our favorite dessert- ice cream. There are so many flavors of ice cream such as rocky road, vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, caramel, chocolate, and more. Hence, the reason why it is just so fun to celebrate this month. It is just as fun as celebrating the Hot Fudge Sundae Day. If you want to know more about this special month of celebration, then you should continue reading below.

What is the National Ice Cream Month?

This is celebrated for the entire month of July. It is the time for people to enjoy the cool delicacy. During this event, various activities are conducted by people including ice cream making, ice cream decoration, ice cream eating contests, and a lot more.National Ice Cream Month

History of the National Ice Cream Month

It was the American Dairy association that established the Ice Cream Month as a celebration. They were supported by Kentucky Senator Walter Dee Huddleston and President Ronald Reagan. The ice cream industry which includes the ice cream companies backed up this celebration by publicizing the month. They encourage people to go out to buy ice cream to eat in an ice cream parlor.

According to historians, ice cream was created in ancient Greece, long before the refrigerator was invented. That time, ice cream was only a combination of fruit and honey. Though it was still considered a good dessert or delicacy during that time.

Catherine de Medicini introduced the first true ice cream back in the 16th century. This was the ice cream that resembles much the one that we eat today. One hundred years after the introduction of this first ice cream, Charles I of England paid in order to keep the formula of making ice cream a secret. Hence, ice cream became a royal delicacy. There was no way for commoners especially the poor to eat ice cream.

The first recorded varieties of recipes for making ice cream first existed during the 18th century. Now, we have lots and lots of kinds of ice cream and various ways to make it. It truly has become a staple dessert all over the world. And because of our love for ice cream, the month for celebrating it was born.

When is the National Ice Cream Month?

This is always celebrated on the July of each year. This means that this year, we will be celebrating the National Ice Cream Month on July . Next year, we are going to celebrate it on July 2022.

Celebration of the National Ice Cream Month

There are so many ways people celebrate the National Ice Cream Month. If you want some ideas on how you can max out the celebration of this month, then you should take a look at the list below.

Celebrate by Eating Ice Cream

First and foremost, you may celebrate this month by eating ice cream. You have roughly 31 days to celebrate, why not eat one flavor of ice cream in one day. in that way, you can taste as many flavors as possible and hence you can choose your most favorite one. With that, you may also relive yourself of stress because that’s what this dessert does just like other delicacies.

Create Your Own Ice Cream

Another good idea for you to celebrate this month is by creating your own ice cream. It is actually easy to do so. You just need the right ingredients: milk, sugar, and flavoring such as vanilla extract. You will also need some ice and salt to make your ice cream creation a lot faster. You can then enjoy eating your own self-made ice cream or make it even better by sharing it with your friends and loved ones.

On Social Media

You can take the celebration on social media by using the hashtag #NationalIceCreamMonth to let your friends and followers know that you are taking part in this celebration.

Facts About the National Ice Cream Month

  • The most popular flavor of ice cream is vanilla.
  • The first ice cream soda was made in 1874.
  • On the average, it takes about 50 licks to finish one ice cream cone.
  • The state that produces the most ice cream in the United States is California.
  • Ice cream can be easily made in a bag with the right ingredients.
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