National Kentucky Day

Recognizing Kentucky's Admission Into Statehood On "National Kentucky Day" observed next on October 19

National Kentucky Day is celebrated every year on October 19, as Kentucky’s National Day recognizing approval of Kentucky into statehood. The day is celebrated with great zeal and pride, with celebratory activities like music and dancing the main components of Kentucky Day celebrations.

Kentucky, also known as the Blue Grass State, was the first state to enter the union west of the Appalachian Mountains. National Kentucky Day falls onĀ  October 19. Happy Celebrating Kentucky Day!

Originally created in 1991, National Kentucky Day celebrates the history and culture of the state of KY. The day is celebrated every year on October 19 and is a wonderful opportunity for Kentuckians to show off their pride. There are many fun events going on all over the state, ranging from horse races and festivals to concerts and art exhibitions. The state tourism board also organizes many local celebrations that take place throughout the entire month of October.

Whether you’re a horse lover or a history buff, National Kentucky Day is a day to celebrate the state’s rich heritage. From the state’s famous Kentucky Derby to its unique geography, the Bluegrass State is rich with an interesting history. Not only is it the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and the world’s first president, but it also gave birth to the “Happy Birthday” song and Post-it notes. In fact, the Post-it note originated in Kentucky.

There are countless activities and festivities that take place on National Kentucky Day. Among these activities are parades and festivals. In addition to cultural celebrations, there are many places to visit during the day. Some of the state’s most notable sites include the Jim Beam Bourbon Trail and Kentucky State Park. And of course, you’ll want to check out the KFC restaurant, which is world-famous. During the day, visitors can also visit some famous historic sites in the area, such as Old Louisville and Cherokee Park.

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