National Macaroni Day

7th July, National Macaroni Day

The National Macaroni Day is celebrated every 7th of July each year. This special day is when pasta lovers from all over the world dig into their favorite noodles in various recipes, dishes, and meals. The day also encourages people to get a taste of macaroni and not miss out on this very delicious food.

About the National Macaroni Day

Macaroni is made from durum wheat. It is a variety of large-sized dry pasta that does not contain eggs. Many people thought and think that the name of macaroni came from its shape. However, its name actually came from the dough used to make it.

The noodle is shaped into different forms including spirals, shells, straight, and the most popular one – elbow. The elbow macaroni is even the most common form of macaroni in the USA.NATIONAL MACARONI DAY

Macaroni can be used to make different kinds of pasta dishes ranging from soups to salads. It is so versatile primarily because preparing dishes with it is so easy. For instance, the extremely popular mac and cheese make use of macaroni as its main ingredient.

That is why during the National Macaroni Day, people conduct various activities that let them achieve the objectives or purposes of this day. For one, peop


Unfortunately, even with extensive research about the National Macaroni Day, we are not sure as to how, when, and where it started. We don’t even know who are the people responsible for starting this holiday. But still, we can make a good guess as to why this day was founded. Perhaps a person or a group of people thought that a lot of us love to eat macaroni in different kinds of dishes. We have all sorts of food holidays so why not start one for macaroni? And perhaps with that, the National Macaroni Day was born.


As mentioned earlier, the National Macaroni Day is celebrated every 7th of July each year. This means that the dates of celebration for this event are as follows:

  • Tuesday, July 7,
  • Wednesday, July 7,
  • Thursday, July 7, 2022
  • Friday, July 7, 2023
  • Sunday, July 7, 2024
  • Monday, July 7, 2025

Why Celebrate

The main reason why you should celebrate National Macaroni Day is for you to be able to taste it if you haven’t done so yet. Or if you are a lover of Macaroni, then this is your chance to eat as much as you want. It is also the best opportunity to eat as many varieties of macaroni dishes as possible.NATIONAL MACARONI DAY

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the National Macaroni Day as best as it can be:

Make Your Own Macaroni Noodles

You can celebrate this day by making your own macaroni noodles. You can either make your own dough or purchase dough from the shop which you can turn into macaroni noodles in any shape that you like. You can then use these noodles to make your own macaroni pasta dish.

Make Some Delicious Macaroni Dishes

There are tons of dishes that you can make with macaroni. For one, you can make the extremely popular mac and cheese using macaroni noodles and cheese. It is simply melted cheese used as a sauce in macaroni. You add spices that you like.

You can also make baked macaroni lasagna. You only need to prepare the ingredients for a normal pasta sauce including tomato paste, meat, all-purpose cream, and spices. You can then pour that sauce into your macaroni and bake it for a couple of minutes.

You can also make some healthy macaroni salad. This one’s very easy. You only have to mix in fruits and vegetables, cream, and milk on your macaroni noodles.

There are a lot more macaroni dishes you can make. You can search the web or some cookbooks on what macaroni dishes you can make.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #NationalMacaroniDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this day.NATIONAL MACARONI DAY

Fun Facts About Macaroni

  • Macaroni came from the Italian term maccheroni, which in turn, came from the Latin word macerare. This word means to crush or bruise. Macaroni pasta is made by crushing wheat.
  • Mac and Cheese is a popular macaroni dish. It is called macaroni and cheese in USA and England. In Canada, it is called Kraft Dinner.
  • The food company Kraft sells about one million boxes of mac and cheese every day. Their all time bestselling non-elbow shaped macaroni is the SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • During the 1700s, fashionable men who wore expensive Italian clothing were called macaroni. This is why Yankee Doodle put a feather in his cap and called it macaroni.
  • There is a penguin called macaroni penguin due to the black and yellow plumes on its head.
  • Cooking tip: you can actually cook macaroni in a pot used to heat water. Just put the noodles into it. The hot water will cook them.
  • On the average, Americans eat about 19.8 pounds of pasta each year while Italians eat about 62 pounds. Italians sure love pasta. It is actually one of their staple dishes.
  • Macaroni is actually a staple breakfast in Hong Kong. They usually mix the noodles with mushroom, ham, eggs, peas, and chicken stock.
  • It was in 1789 when Thomas Jefferson introduced macaroni to the USA. He brought some after eating those in Naples, Italy.
  • There are over 350 different authentic shapes of pasta. These are the ones that originated from Italy.
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