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National Making The First Move Day

April 7 National Making The First Move Day

Every year on April 7, Making The First Move Day is an advocacy holiday recognizing the importance of making the first move. National Making The First Move Day founder Greshun De Bouse is among the celebrities, mayors, and publications that support the movement.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about and promote your social justice work at the same time as bringing awareness to bullying prevention and recovery.

Here are three ways to support this cause and promote positive social change.

Greshun De Bouse

Greshun De Bouse founded National Making The First Move Day, a nationwide event celebrated on April 7. The holiday was originally held in Shreveport, Louisiana, the current residence of the holiday’s founder, Greshun De Bouse. Today, it is celebrated all over the world. De Bouse, who is a Shreveport native, focuses on disability bullying, prevention, and recovery. She has written numerous articles about the problem and continues to advocate for everyone affected by bullying.

Greshun founded the National Making The First Move Day

On April 7th, we celebrate National Making The First Move Day. The event was started by Greshun De Bouse, who suffered lifelong bullying and was attacked. Today, she is a renowned life coach and a proud double reigning queen. She strongly believes that bullying should not be tolerated. Greshun created this day to fight to bully and to promote equality for people with disabilities.

Greshun was a victim of bullying

Greshun De Bouse is a Shreveport, Louisiana, resident who founded National Making the First Move Day. She was the victim of bullying throughout her life and recently was victimized by a criminal. She knows how difficult it can be to know who to approach first, so she made it her mission to make the first move on every occasion.

Pledge to prevent bullying

Every year on April 7th, the Pledge to Prevent Bullying is promoted as a way to reclaim the power of being a person and to stop bullying. By taking the pledge, you commit to being the person who will accept others without judgement and find things to like about yourself. You can make your pledge online or on social media. To learn more, visit the website. Then, follow the hashtag #NationalMakingTheFirstMoveDay to participate.

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