National Men Make Dinner Day

Husbands, Boyfriends, and Guys Cooking Dinner on "National Men Make Dinner Day"

The first Thursday of November is a very special day for ladies… And no, before you start guessing—there isn’t a flash sale, however, it’s National Men Make Dinner Day (and trust us, that can be equally as great for girls). It is that one special day when the girls can kick their shoes off, lie back on the sofa, and unwind while their husbands or boyfriends cook tasty meals to them. So guys wear that kitchen apron and get started to preparing delicious home cooked meal for your lady love! During the Day, is same like National Boyfriend Day people conduct various activities.

Learn About National Men Make Dinner Day

National Men Make Dinner Day is celebrated every year on the First Thursday of November. This fun holiday encourages men to take charge of the kitchen and cook a delicious meal at home for their loved ones.

For women, it’s a complete day off from the cooking chores as today their men will be taking the full responsibility of all the cooking activities which include shopping for the ingredients, making dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, setting the dinner table, serving dinner, and washing up all the utensils.

This day is also known by the names of Men Cook Food Day, Husband Cook Dinner Day, Dad Cook Dinner Day, Make Your Wife Dinner Day, Boyfriend Cook Dinner Day, Guys Make Dinner Day, Boys Make Dinner Day.

Who Created

National Men Make Dinner Day was created in 1998 by a Canadian woman named Sandy Sharkey who worked at a radio station, 93.9 BOM FM in Ottawa, Ontario. She created this day so that she could get at least ONE ready-made home meal prepared by her non-cooking husband. Although it was a crazy thing to get that one meal, to Sandy’s surprise it worked like a charm. Since it was the first Thursday of November when Sandy tried this successful experiment on her husband, she named this day “Men Make Dinner Day” and chose First Thursday of November as the celebration date.

Sandy also made a website for the day and it was just 3 years later when she received Canadian trademark # 1.115.706 on 9 November 2001 for the name and event.

According to Sandy, if you are a guy and you cook on a regular basis, this fun holiday isn’t for you! This day is just for those guys who do not know their way around the kitchen or barely get involved in the cooking chores and activities.

When Celebrated

National Men Make Dinner Day is always celebrated on the first Thursday of November.


The reason behind the creation of Men Cook Dinner Day was pretty straight-forward:

  • to give the ladies a break from the cooking chores
  • to encourage men who do not cook, to learn to cook, by making a meal on this day for the family
  • to encourage men to get involved in kitchen matters, such as cooking food, doing food grocery, washing utensils, preparing the dinner table, and serving food to the family

Why Celebrate

Every man should celebrate Men Make Dinner Day, and here’s why:

1). To promote equality. For long, the kitchen is regarded as the domain of women and have been off limits to men. Nowadays, as an increasing number of women go out in the workforce – there’s a requirement for equality in today’s society, office and at home.

2). To become equal partners. Women and men will need to become more equal partners in a household — they should share more and more household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and parenting.

3). To give relax to your lady love and appreciate her. Men need to understand that cooking food, taking care of kids, managing household tasks, doing the cleaning, doing the laundry, preparing kids for the school as some massive responsibilities on the women. So there’s set a special day aside called “Men Cook Food Day” when you can give a full-day rest to your wife and manage all the kitchen activities yourself as a way to thank your lady love for all her services… The way to a woman’s heart is delicious food after all!

4). Break the stereotypes that say kitchen is only the domain of a woman and there should only be a woman doing the cooking chores. Some communities also consider men working in the kitchen, as a shame. On National Men Make Dinner Day tell the world that there’s nothing wrong or shameful if a man steps inside the kitchen and spends some time in cooking food or washing utensils.

5). To learn how good you are at cooking. Take your hidden-chef out on this day, use your best possible Masterchef skills, and see if you have that ability to cook that delicious dish. At the end of the day, you will be rewarded with points and compliments which will help you determine how good or bad you are in this job!

Celebration Rules & The Do’s and Don’ts

When celebrating Men Make Dinner Day, make sure you read the official rules and abide by the terms and conditions of the day.

Rule#1: Take out, prepared foods from the restaurant, BBQ, or grilling are strictly NOT allowed!

Rule#2: Man, completely unaided, can choose a published recipe from any source such as the web – by reading a recipe blog or watching a recipe video on Youtube. Getting the recipe from her wife is allowed, but man will get bonus points when the recipe is unique and not from somewhere in the house.

Rule #3: Main meal should contain a minimum of 4 ingredients and require at least one cooking utensil aside from a fork.

Rule #4: If needed, man must do all the shopping for the recipe ingredients himself

Rule #5: When working in the kitchen, he needs to organize all necessary ingredients in a sequence of importance on the kitchen counter.

Rule #6: He is permitted to turn on his favorite CD, radio channel, or listen to his favorite song. However, he should be 30 feet away from the TV remote throughout the cooking process. At this point, spouse and other family members shouldn’t be anywhere near the kitchen.

Rule #7: Man should use the “clean as he moves along” rule which is cleaning utensils, cookware, spice bottles, and spoons – after their complete use. He also needs to put them back in the kitchen cupboard or drawer.

Rule #8: Man properly sets the table for dinner

Rule#9: The dinner is served to the spouse and/or other family members. Man is allowed’ to gloat no more than three times during the meal. The family should congratulate the chef on a job well done.

Rule #10: Following the meal, the table needs to be cleared by the man and utensils needs to be washed, followed by the man sitting with his family for after-dinner conversation. Now, everyone should give him genuine compliments for the meal and his serving style. He, then, describes the joys and challenges of the cooking experience. He’s then given a hug by the spouse, and his luxury life is returned to him!

Important Note

Although the theme of this holiday is mainly centered on husbands or boyfriends cooking meals for their lady love, single guys can also take part in this holiday by cooking a meal for their mom, sister, or grandma. This holiday is all about passing men through the adventures of cooking, after all!

Best Cooking Channels for Men To Find Best Recipes For Men Make Dinner Day

Here’s a list of recommended food channels to find an ideal recipe for the Men Make Dinner Day. Fortunately, all the recipes shared on this food channels are prepared by male chefs. Since other men are also cooking dinner, this will boost your strength and provide you with an ultimate male bonding experience.

Quotes & Captions about Men Cooking

Here are some special quotes, memes, and funny images about “men cooking food” that you can share on this upcoming Men Make Dinner Day with the hashtags #MenMakeDinnerDay or #HusbandMakeDinnerDay on social media.

  • Real Men Wear Aprons.
  • A Guy Who Knows How To Cook Is Really Handsome.
  • Happiness Is Watching The Man Of Your Life Cooking For You.
  • I Do Love A Man Who Can Cook – Emma Bunton
  • I Think It Bespeaks A Generous Nature, A Man Who Can Cook – Jelly Cooper

Happy Celebrating National Men Make Dinner Day!

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