National Pink Day

June 23rd National Pink Day

National Pink day is observed every 23rd of June to celebrate the color pink. This is the best day for both men and women to decorate their homes with pink and wear anything pink like shirts,National Pink Day pants, or accessories. This is an important day for people since pink has been one of the mainstream color in people’s lives. If you want to learn more about this special day of celebration, then you should continue reading more below.

What is National Pink Day?

This day is all about celebrating the color punk. According to experts, the color pink when combined with pale blue or white is commonly associated with romance, childhood, tenderness, sensitivity, and femininity. When pink is combined with black or violet, it is usually associated with seduction and eroticism. Hence, during this special day of celebration, such themes are commonly used to remind people about the various things that the color pink symbolizes and what they mean in our lives.

History of National Pink Day

Unfortunately, not too many records show the history of National Pink Day. But one thing is for sure – this day is celebrated for the color pink. This color can be seen in different parts of the human body. It can also be seen in various parts of nature. Experts say that the term pink started as far back as the 14th century. During the 17th century, a Dutch flower in the Netherlands was given the name pinken. Eventually, the term pink became widespread in the English language.

Pink is a color usually associated with females and femininity in general. However, it took a turn in Europe around 20th century when male infants were dressed in pink and female infants were dressed in blue. The reason for this is that the color pink was viewed to be a stronger color than blue. Hence, pink is regarded to be more masculine. On the other hand, the color blue was seen to be dainty and delicate and hence more suited for females.

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But in general, nowadays, pink is seen more as a color for femininity. But still, the world is so varied nowadays that men are starting to appreciate the color for themselves. Apart from that, pink is also a color associated with lightheartedness, children, and happiness. People also think that this coler conveys care and compassion.

When is National Pink Day?

National Pink Day is always celebrated on the 23rd of June each year. This means that this year, the day will be celebrated on 23rd June.

Celebration of National Pink Day

The National Pink Day is indeed an extremely popular holiday today. For this reason, there are so many ways people celebrate this day. Below are some of them.

Dressing Up in Pink

Perhaps the most popular activity or way to celebrate this special day is by dressing up in pink. You can search your wardrobe for anything in pink and then wear it for school, work, going out, or just in your own home. Maybe you can wear a t shirt or dress in pink. If you have accessories in pink, then wear that as well. If you have a pink bag or a pink cap or hat, then wear that as well. If you don’t have anything pink in your wardrobe, perhaps what you can do is to visit a clothing store to buy something in pink that you can wear during the day. if you don’t want to experience the hassle on that, then maybe you can just borrow something in pink from a friend or family.

Cooking Pink Foods

People celebrate with foods every celebration of an event. Hence, one thing you can do to celebrate National Pink Day is to cook something that is color pink. Perhaps you can make pink chocolates, pink cakes, pink jelly, or other desserts in pink. You can also try making pink juice from a fruit that is color pink.

Entertainment in Pink

Another way of celebrating this special day is by entertaining yourself with something related in pink. For instance, you can watch the movie called “Pretty in Pink” just so because it has pink in its name. Or maybe you can listen to the music of international rock star Pink or the rock band Pink Floyd. These are also good activities you can do to celebrate the special day.