National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day

November 12 National Pizza With Everything (Except Anchovies)

The National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day is celebrated every 12th of November each year. This day gives recognition to pizza with the works, except that it does not contain anchovies. This pizza flavor is loved by a lot of people. It is full of toppings that include pepperoni, sausages, olives, onions, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, and pineapple. If you love this flavor of pizza and you hate anchovies just as much, then you should celebrate this fun event.

About the National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies DayPizza With Everything

During the National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day, people conduct various activities that let them achieve the objectives or purposes of the celebration. For one, people try to make their own pizza with their preferred topping, just not with anchovies. Other people prefer to order pizza or dine in a restaurant that serves delicious pizza with all the works except anchovies. People also shout out on social media how they are participating in the celebration of the event.


With limited knowledge about the origins of pizza flavors without anchovies, even less is known about the history of the National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day. We don’t know when, where, and how it began. We also don’t have a clue as to who founded it. But still, we can make a good guess as to why such event was established in the first place. Perhaps a person or a group of people thought that pizzas with the works except anchovies are much loved by the people. They must have then thought that it deserves a spot in the list of food holidays celebrated every year.


As mentioned earlier, the National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day is celebrated every 12th of November each year. This means that the dates of celebration for this event are as follows:Pizza With Everything

  • Thursday, November 12,
  • Friday, November 12,
  • Saturday, November 12, 2022
  • Sunday, November 12, 2023
  • Tuesday, November 12, 2024
  • Wednesday, November 12, 2025

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day as best as it can be:

Make Some pizza

If you want to enjoy the event at the comforts of your own home, you can be creative and make your own pizza with the works except anchovies. Compared to other pizza flavors, this one is easy to make. You just have to prepare the pizza dough and then add all the ingredients you prefer. Just make sure to not add anchovies. Top the dough with the cheese and then bake it. You can then serve that delicious pizza afterwards. Indulge yourself in it but it might be better if you can share it with your family and friends. Also take note that the ingredients are easily available in the supermarket. Hence, collecting all the needed ingredients is not a tough job.

Order from the Bakery

If you don’t have time to make your own pizza with the works except anchovies at home, or if you just don’t want to waste time baking, you can still celebrate the day in a good way by ordering pizza with the works except anchovies. Look for a restaurant or a food chain that offers this pizza flavor. Then order a box for yourself, or get a family size if you will share some with your family or friends.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #NationalPizzaWithTheWorksExceptAnchoviesDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this day. Let them know that such a celebration takes place every year and also how happy you are enjoying your day.Pizza With Everything


  • “The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 A.M.” – Charles Pierce
  • “You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not pizza.” – Anonymous
  • “I think of dieting, then I eat pizza.” – Lara Stone
  • “My love is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around.” – Dora J. Arod
  • “Pizza is not a ‘trend’ it’s a way of life” – Anonymous
  • “Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you.” – Bill Murray
  • “I want someone to look at me the same way I look at pizza.” – Anonymous
  • “Pizza is like the entire food pyramid!” – Madeline Oles
  • “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.” – Bill Murray
  • “Do good. Be nice. Order pizza. Repeat.” – Anonymous
  • “There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box in your lap.” – Kevin James
  • “You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy pizza, and that’s kind of the same thing.” – Anonymous
  • “I love pizza. I want to marry it but it would just be to eat her family at the wedding.” – Mike Birbiglia
  • “You know what? Part of me just wants to eat pizza and go to sleep.” Gwen Stefani
  • “Keep your friends close and your pizza closer.” – Anonymous
  • “Anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on pizza.” – Andrew W.K.
  • “Life is not about finding yourself. It’s about finding pizza.” – Anonymous
  • “Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes.” – Amy Neftzger
  • “I can’t turn water into wine, but I can turn pizza into breakfast.” – Anonymous
  • “A pizza slice a day keeps sadness away.” – Jet Paacal
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