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National Preparedness Month

Is your family ready for a natural disaster? In the event of a major hurricane, tornado, or another type of weather-related emergency, having a plan is key. Here are some tips on how to create a family emergency preparedness plan.

What is National Preparedness Month?

National Preparedness Month is an annual event that celebrates the importance of being prepared for emergencies. The month-long celebration focuses on educating people about the importance of having a plan for emergencies and helps to raise awareness about the resources available to help prepare for disasters. National Preparedness Month also highlights the importance of community preparedness efforts.

Why is National Preparedness Month important?

National Preparedness Month is important because it allows people to learn about and discuss ways to be prepared for disasters and other emergencies. It also encourages people to get involved in the planning process for emergencies, so that they can be ready if and when a disaster strikes.

What are the goals of National Preparedness Month?

National Preparedness Month (NPMonth) is an annual event in the United States dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of preparedness and emergency response. NPMonth’s goals are to increase public understanding and knowledge of preparedness; to create a community of prepared individuals; and to support the development of resilience in communities across the country. NPMonth also seeks to create partnerships between government, business, and nonprofit organizations in order to help everyone be more prepared.

What should businesses and individuals do to prepare for emergencies?

Businesses and individuals should review their emergency preparedness plans and make updates as necessary. They should also create an emergency communication plan and make sure they have all the supplies they need, including food, water, first-aid kits, and evacuation plans.


National Preparedness Month is an important time to reflect on the importance of preparing for events that could impact our communities and families. The purpose of National Preparedness Month is to increase public awareness about emergency preparedness, encourage individuals to develop a plan for emergencies, and support partnerships between government and private organizations that are working to build an effective response system. Throughout October, we will be highlighting resources dedicated to increasing your understanding of emergency preparedness. Be sure to check back frequently as updates will be posted regularly!

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