National Selfie Day

June 21 National Selfie Day

Advances in technology surely have transformed our lives. But cellphones, smartphones, and social media today made that transformation even bigger. Such technological developments have made a lot of things easier and accessible to us. For instance, we can now communicate with each other in a very fast way. We can now also share lots of pictures together. One type of photo we usually share is the selfie.National Selfie Day

A selfie is a picture of yourself taken none other than you. Because of its immense popularity today, a special day has been dedicated just to celebrate this kind of photo. Such celebration is called the National Selfie Day which is always celebrated on the 21st of June each year. Let us learn more about this interesting celebration down below.

What is National Selfie Day?

This day is all about taking your cell phone or smartphone and snapping a photo of yourself and then posting it on the internet or on your social media account. Such activity is participated in by millions of people all over the world.

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History of National Selfie Day

People have been taking pictures of themselves for quite some time already. We can even go back in time when cameras were still not invented. People take portraits of themselves by asking a painter to paint them for hours while they sit or stand idly on one place. But with the invention of the camera, people can now take their portraits in a matter of seconds.

Experts believed that selfies started to become rampant between 2003 and 2005 when users of MySpace took pictures of themselves using their own hands. But the term “selfie” was actually coined by a drunk Australian on Flickr. He said that such a term described the act of taking a picture of yourself and then posting it on social media for others to see.

As years went by, the cell phone technology rapidly advanced and developed. Social media sites became extremely popular as well. It was in 2013 when the term selfie catapulted into mainstream fame. It is also the year when the Oxford Dictionary added the term selfie into the books.

The first celebration of the National Selfie Day started on June 21, 2014. The proponent of the celebration was DJ Rick McNeely. He said that declaring the day as such let people take selfies of themselves in a creative way. Since selfies were popular during this time, many people took off and participated in the celebration. Now, it has become a yearly event.

When is National Selfie Day?

National Selfie Day is always celebrated on the 21st of June each year. This means that this year, the day will be held on Monday, June 21, . Next year, people will celebrate it on June 21, 2022.

Celebration of National Selfie Day

At first, it might seem like celebrating National Selfie Day is plain and simple. You may think that all you need to do is to take a picture of yourself and then post it on social media. But the ways of celebrating this day vary so much. Here are some of the activities conducted during this special unofficial holiday.

Taking Creative Selfies

There are so many selfies people take each day. However, not so many of these selfies are creative ones. Hence, you can take the opportunity to take a creative selfie during this special day. Be creative in taking your photo and think about how you can impress people with the selfie that you want to take. You can perhaps decorate the background or even go to a special place that can fit your creative shot. You can even play with camera tricks so that you can take mesmerizing creative selfies. There are just so many ways on how you can take creative photos of yourself.

Sharing Your Selfies on Social Media

Of course, the day will not be celebrated to the max if you don’t share your selfies on social media. Your friends for sure will be sharing their own selfies in such platforms. You should do the same. Be confident about yourself and show the world the best and brightest smile you could ever give. You can also use the hashtag #NationalSelfieDay to inform your friends on social media that you are participating in the special event.

Taking Group Selfies

Taking group selfies is also a staple activity during the day. Perhaps you can take one with your friends similar to the Ellen Degeneres selfie with Hollywood celebrities at the Oscar. Such a photo became one of the most liked photos on Twitter.

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