National Tattoo Removal Day

WhenAugust 14th
Founded byAstanza Laser
First Celebrated2015
PurposeTo celebrate the tattoo removal industry and advanced laser procedures that provide freedom and a fresh start

National Tattoo Removal Day, celebrated annually on August 14th, provides an opportunity to honor the advanced laser procedures, businesses, and practitioners that make tattoo removal possible. Founded in 2015 by Astanza Laser, this holiday celebrates the freedom and fresh starts provided by innovations in the tattoo removal industry.

On National Tattoo Removal Day, we recognize how perspectives on tattoos have changed over time. Laser tattoo removal offers a solution for those with tattoo regret or who feel their ink no longer represents who they are. The day’s celebrations promote the idea of moving forward without the permanence of tattoos holding you back.

History of National Tattoo Removal Day

  • Founded in 2015 by Astanza Laser, a leading manufacturer of aesthetic lasers.
  • Created to honor the laser tattoo removal industry, businesses, practitioners and advanced procedure of tattoo removal.
  • Provides an opportunity to celebrate fresh starts and changing perspectives on tattoos.
  • Recognizes tattoo removal as a safe and effective solution for unwanted tattoos.
  • Celebrates the freedom and flexibility that comes with advanced laser tattoo removal.

How to Celebrate National Tattoo Removal Day?

  • Use #NationalTattooRemovalDay on social media to share stories and promote the day.
  • Attend or host an event celebrating tattoo removal and fresh starts.
  • Offer discounts or specials at tattoo removal practices and clinics.
  • Share stories and testimonials from those who have undergone tattoo removal.
  • Educate on the latest advancements and benefits of laser tattoo removal.
  • Spread awareness to recognize changing attitudes around the permanence of tattoos.
  • Express how tattoo removal has provided a fresh start or freedom.


  • 1960s – Early development of laser technology for medical uses including tattoo removal.
  • 1970s – Q-switched lasers become the standard tattoo removal technique.
  • 1980s & 1990s – Laser tattoo removal becomes more widely available.
  • 2015 – Astanza Laser founds National Tattoo Removal Day.
  • 2010s – Advancements make tattoo removal faster with fewer treatments.
  • Today – Laser tattoo removal is safer, more effective, and accessible than ever.

Quotes About National Tattoo Removal Day

“National Tattoo Removal Day celebrates the idea that tattoos don’t have to be forever.”

“Every fresh start begins with a first step. Let National Tattoo Removal Day be the start of your journey.”

“Tattoos tell stories. On National Tattoo Removal Day, we recognize sometimes those stories change.”

“Laser tattoo removal provides the freedom to start a new chapter. Happy National Tattoo Removal Day!”

“Your tattoo removal journey is worth celebrating. Happy National Tattoo Removal Day!”

Hashtags for National Tattoo Removal Day

Here are some popular hashtags used for National Tattoo Removal Day:

  • #NationalTattooRemovalDay
  • #FreshStart
  • #TattooRemoval
  • #EraseThePast
  • #NoRegrets
  • #LaserAway
  • #ClearCanvas
  • #ChangeIsGood

Frequently Asked Questions

What is National Tattoo Removal Day?

National Tattoo Removal Day is an annual holiday taking place on August 14th celebrating the tattoo removal industry, businesses, practitioners, and advanced laser removal procedures. It provides an opportunity to honor fresh starts.

When did National Tattoo Removal Day start?

National Tattoo Removal Day was founded in 2015 by Astanza Laser to celebrate laser tattoo removal and the freedom it offers. This year it takes place on August 14, 2023.

Why was National Tattoo Removal Day created?

It was founded to recognize the tattoo removal industry and innovations that allow people to safely erase unwanted tattoos. The day promotes changing perspectives around tattoo permanence.

How can I celebrate National Tattoo Removal Day?

You can share stories on social media, attend events, offer promotions at removal clinics, express how removal gave you a fresh start, or spread awareness about advanced tattoo removal procedures.

What causes a person to want their tattoo removed?

Reasons include tattoo regret, a change in beliefs, professional/social reasons, poor quality ink, or personal growth making the tattoo feel inconsistent with who they are now.

How effective is modern laser tattoo removal?

Today’s laser removal techniques are safer and more effective than ever, with excellent results generally seen in 6-12 sessions. Results vary based on ink color and patient factors.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Most patients tolerate laser removal well with minimal discomfort, comparing the sensation to a rubber band snapping on the skin. Numbing creams are sometimes used.

How long does it take to fully remove a tattoo?

Complete tattoo removal takes several treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart. The number needed depends on size, location, ink color and other factors. Removal generally takes less than a year.

What is the best laser method for tattoo removal?

Advanced Q-switched lasers that selectively target pigment are considered the gold standard today. New picosecond lasers may also provide benefits with faster fading between treatments.

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