National Waffle Week

National Waffle Week: A Delectable Journey Through Time and Taste

Waffles, with their crispy exterior, soft inside, and iconic grid pattern, have captured the hearts (and taste buds) of many across the globe. While many of us need no special reason to indulge in this delightful dish, National Waffle Week provides an entire week of celebration dedicated to these golden griddled treats. Celebrated during the first week of September, it’s a time for waffle lovers to unite, experiment, and, of course, eat!

Quick Facts:

  • Global Varieties: Waffles come in numerous forms globally, including the American waffle, Belgian waffle, Liège waffle, Hong Kong waffle, and many more.
  • Versatility: Waffles can be enjoyed in various ways, as breakfast, dessert, or even as a base for savory dishes.
  • Ingredient Variations: Besides the classic recipe, waffles can be made with various ingredients, including gluten-free flours, vegan substitutes, and added flavors like chocolate or spices.
  • Appliances: Waffle makers have evolved with time, now coming with features like adjustable temperature settings, non-stick plates, and different grid sizes.
  • Community Events: Many communities and organizations host waffle breakfasts as fundraising events.

History of National Waffle Week

National Waffle Week finds its origins in the United States, where waffles have been a beloved food item for centuries. Although the exact year of its inception is not clear, the aim has always been evident: to celebrate and appreciate the joy waffles bring to our tables.

Waffles themselves have a rich history, dating back to ancient Greece where they were cooked between two metal plates over a fire. They evolved over centuries, taking different forms and flavors, before becoming the waffles we know and love today.

The Significance of Waffles

Versatility: Waffles are not just for breakfast. They can be enjoyed sweet or savory, as a main dish or dessert, and at any time of the day.

Global Appeal: From the Belgian waffle to the Hong Kong style bubble waffle, different cultures have their unique spin on this dish.

Creativity: The grid pattern acts as little pockets that can be filled with a plethora of toppings – from the classic syrup and butter to fried chicken, fruit, chocolate, and much more.

How to Celebrate National Waffle Week

Waffle Experimentation: Try out different waffle recipes. How about a chocolate waffle or one with cheese and herbs?

Waffle Parties: Host a waffle-themed brunch or dinner. Set up a waffle bar with various toppings and let guests get creative.

Visit a Waffle House or Café: Support local businesses by visiting a renowned waffle joint or trying out a new spot.

Educate: Share the history of waffles, fun facts, or a new recipe on social media to spread the waffle love.

Waffle Crafts: For those with kids or who are young at heart, indulge in waffle-inspired crafts, maybe even waffle-shaped cookies.

Charity: Use the occasion to host waffle sales, with proceeds going to a charitable cause.

Fun Facts:

  • The word “waffle” is derived from the Dutch word “wafel,” which itself comes from the Frankish word “wafla,” meaning honeycomb.
  • The first patent for a waffle iron was issued to Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York on August 24, 1869.
  • Waffles have been enjoyed by people since the Middle Ages, initially as unleavened flat cakes cooked between two metal plates.
  • In the United States, National Waffle Day is celebrated on August 24th, commemorating the patenting of the first US waffle iron.
  • Waffles have found their place in the savory world too, with creations like chicken and waffles becoming a popular American dish.


What is National Waffle Week?

National Waffle Week is a week-long celebration dedicated to appreciating the versatile and beloved breakfast item, the waffle. It honors the rich history, varieties, and cultural significance of waffles.

When is National Waffle Week celebrated?

This week-long celebration takes place during the first week of September each year.

How can people celebrate National Waffle Week?

People can celebrate by indulging in different types of waffles, trying new waffle recipes, visiting local restaurants offering waffle specials, or even hosting a waffle party at home.

What are some popular waffle toppings?

Popular toppings include butter, maple syrup, fresh fruits, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and nuts.

What are some variations of waffles across the world?

Various countries have their unique waffles, like Belgian waffles, which are thick and often have larger grids, and the thinner, heart-shaped Scandinavian waffles.

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