Neath Food and Drink Festival

4th - 6th October

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  • What: Over 60 stalls plus demonstrations and stuff for the kids.
  • Where: Various venues across Neath
  • Cost: Free
  • When: Friday 4th - Sunday 6th October, 2019

The Neath Food and Drink Festival is an annual festival in Neath that is celebrated every first weekend of October each year. In this festival, the Neath Town Center is transformed into a culinary hotspot full of expert chefs and cooks, food enthusiasts, and all people wanting to get a taste of the very delicious foods offered to the public.Neath Food and Drink Festival

What is Neath Food and Drink Festival?

The Neath Food and Drink Festival is where expert chefs and cooks unite to produce the best Welsh dishes and delicacies to become available for the public. Streets are turned into food zones and live entertainment are brought all over the town. The celebration of the festival just gets better year after year. The Town Center in specific become a food spot. Expert cookers bring out their best skills to show the public how their most delicious meals are made. Of course, spectators are able to get a taste of these.

What is the History of Neath Food and Drink Festival?

The Neath Food and Drink Festival hasn’t been in occurrence for a long time. As of now, it has been celebrated for only 10 years and will be celebrating its 11th year this year.

How was Neath Food and Drink Festival created?

Unfortunately, not much is known as to how exactly the Neath Food and Drink Festival started. But what we do know for sure is that this celebration started in 2009. And since then, it has become one of the premier events in Neath as well as one of the most popular celebrations in the United Kingdom.

Over the years, the Neath Food and Drink Festival has highlighted different kinds of Welsh produce that are only available in the region. The products focused on are those from award-winning suppliers in the Victorian market of the town as well as those from near surrounding areas.

When is Neath Food and Drink Festival?

The event is always held on the first weekend of October each year. What this means is that this year, people are going to celebrate Neath Food and Drink Festival From October 4 to 6.

Where is the Neath Food and Drink Festival?

The Neath Food and Drink Festival is always held in the town of Neath in the United Kingdom. This has become a local celebration in the town and a staple one at that. During the days of the event, the café’s, restaurants, and town center shops in the area showcase their best dishes available. Other people also set up their own food stalls along the streets. The town center is populated by expert chefs and cooks who showcase how they make their best dishes. And of course people coming from the locality or even those outside visit the different food hotspots all over the area.

What is the Symbol of Neath Food and Drink Festival?

There is no exact symbol for the Neath Food and Drink Festival. However, the main general symbol in this event is food and drink. The product foods and drinks of the Welsh people are showcased in this festival so that people will be able to get a taste of the most amazing foods and drinks available in the area.

Why is Neath Food and Drink Festival important?

There are various reasons why the Neath Food and Drink Festival is an important event. For one, the festival promotes the local products of the Welsh people. And secondly, the welsh delicacies are showcased to both the citizens of the town and also all other people who are able to witness the cooking demonstrations of experienced chefs.

To Promote Local Welsh Products

The town of Neath is proud of all the things that the area is able to produce. The festival provides a good opportunity for all the people who enjoy quality produce and meet expert food producers in person. This festival has become so popular over the years that more and more people from other places come to visit the event to taste and get a glimpse of all the best foods and drinks produced by Neath.

To Showcase Welsh Delicacies

Various meals and dishes are produced by using the raw products produced in Neath. And during the event, cooking demonstrations are done so that chefs of restaurants and cafés get the chance to showcase their skills in food making and perhaps share some secrets to spectators as to how they can make their dishes taste in the best way possible.

How to Celebrate Neath Food and Drink Festival?

There are various things done to celebrate the Neath Food and Drink Festival in the best way possible. This includes watching cookery demonstrations, eating sweet treats, and enjoying the delicious foods available for the event.

Watch Cookery Demonstrations

One major thing that will always be there in the Neath Food and Drink Festival is cooking demonstration. But of course there are a lot being held. The most populous one is the own that is held in the town center where the best chefs in town gather to show the people how they cook the dishes they serve to their customers. This is a great opportunity for people to learn how to make good Welsh food.

Sweet Treat Offerings

Another activity for this event is the offering and eating of sweet treats. People in town offer the best dessert delicacies they have in offer including brownies, cakes, fudge, and crepes. For sure, you will be able to indulge yourself into these sweets when you get a taste of them.

Delicious Foods Up for Grabs

Of course, tons and tons of foods are available in the event. There are hot foods including artisan burgers, hog roasts, welsh cheeses, meats, sea foods, and fine sausages. These foods are usually served with added crafts of liquors, cordials, gin, cidar, and ale. For sure, the Neath Food and Drink Festival is just too good of an event for people to miss. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of foods to taste and eat.

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