No Pants Day

7 May No Pants Day

This is a day when people act literally as its name and go around everywhere without wearing pants. This day turned into an event after the year 2000, when it was started. It is celebrated on the first Friday of May, since January 2016. There is no official holiday on this day and people who celebrate this day do not wear pants and go without them and act normally.

 No Pants Day: Its existence

It is quite interesting that all the important days that we celebrate come into existence due to something important that happened in the past. They carry historic significance around them. These important days are then celebrated to revive the spirit of that particular day.

No Pants Day, on the other hand, does not carry the baggage of history with it. Although it was just a normal day and some university students thought of making this day interesting by dropping their pants on the last day of their semester. A small group of students from the University of Texas who were a part of the club named Knighthood of Buh performed this act as a joke in their campus and attracted attention. However, it was just a funny act by the students, but it gained momentum in 2000 from various places in the world. Those students didn’t have any idea that their trivial act would one day be celebrated as a day.

 How is this day celebrated? 

 This day is celebrated quite unusual. Celebrating this day means that people do not wear pants all day and roam around in their undergarments.  It must be quite a show for all the onlookers and for those who do not participate in it. Wearing only undergarments for their lower part of the body, people perform their day to day activities like this.

People usually, dress like this inside the four walls of their homes. Going out into the public and completing the regular tasks is a bold thing to do. 

 Celebration of No Pants Day around the World

 This day does not signify the martyrdom of any soldier nor is it a day when war broke, it also does not brings with it the sign of any rebellion. But still, this day is celebrated as a fun day in most of the countries around the world. A simple joke by some college students in Texas stimulated interest in other countries like Canada, France, United Kingdom, Australia, and Finland.

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 Celebration of No Pants Day: Necessary or a Choice? 

People celebrate this day as they feel comfortable to be seen in public only wearing their undergarments. Though it is not necessary for every individual to go half nude (as we put it in more simple terms). It is their own choice to celebrate this day if they feel easy with it. Otherwise, it is not compulsory for them to observe the tradition of this odd and strange day. As this day came into existence just through a foolish act of some students so many people will view it as an ordinary day of their lives.